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For questions about goliaths, a race found in several editions of D&D that represent large grey-skinned humanoids.

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What happens to a Goliath who enters icy water in freezing conditions?

As a Goliath has cold resistance, what would happen if they entered a freezing lake and then got out? Would they then have to sit shivering around a fire like any normal character without cold ...
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What would be a good way of getting an hippogriff from a goliath tribe? [closed]

I'm currently playing Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. I'm embodying Vellynne Harpell a human necromancer wizard. The GM has told me that I will be showing up mounting a hippogriff that I got ...
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Do Player Characters with a powerful build deal more melee damage like a monster would? [duplicate]

I have a player in one of the games I'm running that's a Goliath Paladin. He uses a greataxe and recently asked me if he could deal more damage like a "Large" monster could since he has a ...
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Do Goliaths get cold resistance from the Mountain Born trait?

There seems to be a discrepancy between sources for the Goliath's 'Mountain Born' racial trait. Volo's Guide to Monsters (p. 109) includes the following description for the trait: You're acclimated ...
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What is the origin of the goliath race in the Forgotten Realms?

I've always assumed that the goliath race are half-giants or pygmy giants or something like that. Something related to giants. In the descriptions of the goliath race in 5e (in Volo's Guide to ...
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What does a typical goliath look like?

After reading this question, it seems that there's very little to go on from D&D 5e regarding what a goliath typically looks like. We have an image, but that's just an example of one individual ...
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Does a Goliath Barbarian's Mountain Rage still grant a bonus to Constitution?

With the substitution levels from Goliath Barbarian, does the Mountain Rage still give the bonus to Constitution? Or do you lose that in exchange for a size increase and bonus strength?
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Can someone explain this Goliath physical description?

I'm creating a female Goliath character. Though the D&D Beyond description does not give much information about physical appearance (such as eye color and skin color), I did find an explanation ...
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Do multiple sources of counting as one size larger for carrying capacity stack?

I am currently mocking up a Goliath Barbarian, and was wondering if there is a limit to the amount of sources of "You count as if you were one size larger for the purpose of determining your carrying ...
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Are goliaths Adventurers League legal?

I am going to be playing for the first time and was wondering, are goliaths playable in Adventurers League?
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What does "use either result" mean in the Goliath's "Powerful Athlete" feature?

My friends and I are playing D&D 4e now, and for the first time someone decided to roll a Goliath character. The "Powerful Athlete" racial feature states that When you make an Athletics ...
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Is Goliath weight range reasonable?

While this may be opinion-based, this question is specific enough to produce well-argued and specific answers. The weight range for Goliaths is 280-340 lbs, or 127-154kg. Their height is between 7 ...
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Are Goliaths able to wield large-sized weapons?

With the new Elemental Evil Player's Companion released awhile ago, Goliaths were added to 5e. I'm unfamiliar with 3.5 and previous editions, but I know that they were included and wielding large ...
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How does the Goliath's "Natural Intimidator" interact with skill challenges where the use of intimidate automatically fails?

If a goliath takes "Natural Intimidator" which notes that they only fail intimidate rolls if they fail by more than 5, and tries to intimidate someone in a skill challenge where intimidation "...
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