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For questions about group skill checks. A group skill check is where success or failure is determined for the party as a whole, rather than each party member succeeding or failing individually.

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How to limit sequential knowledge skill checks?

I had this issue with a knowledge check in our last session. Such checks do not require proficiency, everyone can try them. The paladin wanted to know if he could recall anything about a god the group ...
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Can a collective of creatures add their Strength together to move or lift a heavy object?

I know about group checking, but for a collective push, pull, or lift, it would make more sense to me that the Strength of each character is added together, even if fractions of the originals, to the ...
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When performing a group check, is it better to have an even number of creatures?

The rules for group checks say: To make a group ability check, everyone in the group makes the ability check. If at least half the group succeeds, the whole group succeeds. So, for groups of 1 and 2,...
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Should a sneaking group use group checks?

I always considered sneaking to be a per character check, because I have a hard time imagining a paladin in shiny, heavy and loud armor sneaking silently, just because a rogue with stealth expertise ...
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When do individual ability checks become group ability checks?

In the section Working Together, the basic rules state: Sometimes two or more characters team up to attempt a task. The character who's leading the effort — or the one with the highest ability ...
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How many people need to succeed in a group check with three people?

In the comments of this answer it came up that the section on "Group Checks" states: To make a group ability check, everyone in the group makes the ability check. If at least half the group ...
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How does D&D 5e handle group skill checks?

I have looked at the Lost Mine of Phandelver and see many times where a skill check for wisdom is vital, I want to get my group to work together, like everyone contributing and cooperating, instead of ...
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What rules govern group skill checks?

A number of published adventures mention rolling a "group stealth check" and other group checks where, theoretically, a proportion of the players try to beat the DC. Are there formal rules for this, ...
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