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Questions about the basic move "Hack and Slash" in Dungeon World, used for engaging in melee with enemy combatants.

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How do you handle the damage to a PC from Hack & Slash against an enemy that’s not attacking?

Hack and Slash says in its description: Hack and slash is for attacking a prepared enemy plain and simple. If the enemy isn’t prepared for your attack—if they don’t know you’re there or they’re ...
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How can I describe Hack-and-Slash effects?

In Dungeon World, I face a challenge with describing hack-and-slash roll outcomes (particularly on success.) One part of this problem is that I have trouble setting up situations for players to want ...
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12 votes
3 answers

How can I make Hack-and-Slash less mandatory?

In my current Dungeon World campaign, I've found my group (and myself) encountering situations that could be solved via violence (which I have on good authority is not the answer) end up being solved ...
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Partial Success on Hack and Slash which kills a monster, can it deal damage?

Suppose a player uses the Hack and Slash move against a monster, and he obtains a partial success (7-9). He rolls the damage and he is able to kill the monster, can I as a DM use the Deal Damage from ...
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How does enemy damage work on a Hack & Slash partial success?

I am about to dive into RPGs, starting with Dungeon World. The rules and explanations are all aimed at players who have played other RPGs before, skipping the most basic part: rolling dice. So the ...
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