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Hero System is a generic, point-based system published by Hero Games.

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How does HERO system differ from other systems? [closed]

I'm interested in the HERO system. What does it do that other systems don't? What are its unique features? I'm not so interested in a breakdown of the system itself (for example, all the stats), but ...
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Getting started with Champions

Long time ago I played Champions by Hero Games. Now I have kids who have taken an interest in RPG's so I thought I would introduce them to Champions for Christmas (Shh! Don't tell them!) So the ...
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Dealing With Inexperienced Players in Hero System

When playing Hero System, experienced players can really get the most out of every point, and create incredible characters, while new players can find the system a little overwhelming. How do you ...
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For Endurance Limitations, what qualifies as "inherently costing no END"?

I want to create a power that expends both Charges and Endurance. Specifically, it's a Mad Max: Fury Road style 'stun the person by firing next to their head', so it requires both firing a bullet and ...
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How to build a Hive Mind character in Hero System (any edition)

I'd like to build a character that is one mind in several bodies. This could be One mind that shares several human bodies (such as the character "Harem" in Grrl Power). The bodies might be always ...
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What happens if a character's velocity is greater than 0m when the character gets a Phase?

I'm preparing to run a Hero System, 6th Edition campaign, and I'm struggling to understand movement, especially velocity. Here's the question: When a character's Phase ends yet his velocity is still ...
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