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For questions related to using hex-based maps, rather than grid or grid-less maps.

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Would The Map Of The Sword Coast In The Front Of Tyranny Of Dragons Be Considered A Province, Kingdom, Or Continent Scale?

I need an answer to this because I'm trying to figure out the distance between some of the towns for chapter 4. Now, I'm not running this chapter as it is because...well...if it's boring to read it's ...
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What information should I give the players for them to draw their map?

I am going to start an online Westmarches-style campaign, using a slightly patched version of Pathfinder 2. I expect the whole adventure to happen on one big island (where the PCs arrive in session 0),...
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How many hexes do the different kinds of settlements take up on province scale maps?

On pages 16 and 17 of the DMG three sizes of possible settlements are detailed: villages, towns and cities. Their respective sections give details about the size of their population amongst other ...
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Is there a way to blend hex and square grid for battle maps?

I'm new to hexes and not too experienced with map-making in general, and I want to expand my understanding of them. While I was figuring out how radiuses would work for things like spells on a hex map,...
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Are there any problems using a mix of hex and square grids on a map?

I'm creating some maps with a 5ft hex grid and hoping to keep them system agnostic. There are some rooms that have a shape that doesn't fit the hex grid well and would fit a square grid much better. ...
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How do you measure distance on a battlemap/grid? [closed]

In the 5e master manual it says that, at a certain scale on a regional map, hexagons represent a certain amount of miles. Does it refer to sides or distance from the center of a hex to another?
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How do I keep my wooden hexagonal tiles from shifting under miniatures?

I've got these little (3 cm corner to corner, 2.4 cm side to side, about 2–3 mm thick) hexagonal wooden tiles I'm planning to use in my D&D campaigns. I plan to paint them on both sides, with one ...
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Is it impossible to flank a large creature on a hex grid?

DnD 5e has optional rules for flanking that includes guides for how it works when using a hex-grid tactical map: On hexes, count around the enemy from one creature to its ally. Against a Medium or ...
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Miles per hex on Fantasy World Generator maps

I have started using to try to make a good D&D world. Problem is it doesn't say how many miles per hex is. Does anyone know the answer?? If you use Earth as a ...
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How to create A4-sized hex paper with numbered hexes? [closed]

I'd like to draw a setting map on hex paper with numbered hexes for the purposes of hexcrawling. A google search resulted in several sources for hex papers without the numbering. To be more explicit, ...
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Pathfinder Kingdom Builder: How big, area wise, is a hex?

I know that every kingdom is constructed out of hexes and it's the basis for how large a kingdom is. This goes into what improvements it can have, how many, where the settlements are, ect. But one ...
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What software is there for creating custom color hex maps? [closed]

I would like to find software to help me create an regional hex map, preferably in color. I already have the region mapped out by hand, but I want to re-create it as a classic hex map with each hex ...
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