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For questions about hexcrawls. A "hexcrawl" is usually defined as a kind of sandbox adventure using a map subdivided into a hexagonal tiling. The hex map may have a number of points of interest marked or hidden from the players, but otherwise lets the players lead their own story by exploring and choosing where they want to go.

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23 votes
7 answers

How to stop a hexcrawl from becoming repetitive?

I am preparing to run Tomb of Annihilation for my players shortly, and a big part of the campaign is a hexcrawl over a huge map of Chult. The way this campaign works is that players start with a ...
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How does Totem Warrior Barbarian's Elk feature work in Chult?

Tomb of Annihilation says: On the map of Chult, each hex measures 10 miles across. Characters moving at a normal pace can travel 1 hex per day on foot through coastal, jungle, mountain, swamp, or ...
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5 votes
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Does properly exploring a hex help with navigation in the Tomb of Annihilation adventure?

I'm currently running Tomb of Annihilation for the first time and have a bit of an odd ask. I'm mainly asking this because one of my players is running a character who's really into maps and wanting ...
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How do I keep spells from trivializing survival needs?

I'm planning a hexcrawl with the focus on travel in the perilous wilderness, clear group-roles definitions, and resources (time, rations) expenditure. I'm wondering what should I do with spells that ...
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What's the best way to represent gradual memory loss/Amnesia in an exploration adventure? [closed]

I'm going to DM a D&D 5e hexcrawl Westmarch-style, and for story-wise reasons the worst danger the players will have to face is Amnesia. Each character will have a 7th ability score called Memory ...
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12 votes
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When does CR become an issue in the absence of magic items?

I'm interested in running a Hexcrawl Sandbox style game in pathfinder. The hexes would dictate what range of CR the encounter tables would contain. What I'm wondering is at what CR magic items start ...
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Handling the nitty-gritty with fate

I am working on a campaign in a medieval fantasy setting using fate. I have decided to use a hexcrawl as a convenient way to give interesting choices to my players letting them lead the story and more ...
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6 answers

How do I make random adventures relevant to player motivations in a Sandbox Hexcrawl Campaign?

I've spent my vacations planning my very first sandbox, however, I noticed that, being a hexcrawl, most of the time my players will be exploring the world and sometimes, they might spend a lot of time ...
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Any tips on how to build my first and highly hostile Hexcrawl? [closed]

I'm starting to develop my first sandbox campaign ever, I'll be using 5e to run it and I'll start the game in October, so I'm taking these two months to prep everything. I'm using Hexographer as my ...
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