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High Adventure Role Playing (HARP), produced by Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE), is a fantasy roleplaying game compatible with Rolemaster.

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Development Points in HARP

In ICE's HARP System: After level-up I bought skills, stats etc and had one DP left over. Can I carry it over to the next level up? Alternatively, is there something that can be gained with one point?
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Using Arms Law with HARP: does this affect play balance?

I've played HARP using both the rules in the core rulebook for combat, as well as those presented in Martial Law. I felt neither gave a good result but Martial Law was better. I've played Rolemaster ...
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Can Minor Healing be used multiple times to cure a medium or serious injury in HARP?

In ICE's HARP (High Adventure Role Playing) system the Minor Healing spell says: The caster must select one of the following options when casting this spell: Reduce a maneuver penalty by up to 20 ...
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