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For questions about the entire history of role-playing games: the history of game companies, trends within the hobby, developments of new kinds of mechanics, and gaming's place in culture.

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What are the creative origins of the Storm Giant?

Giants have been part of D&D since the very beginning, with the hill giant, stone giant, frost giant, fire giant, and cloud giant featuring in the original version of the game, and the storm giant ...
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What is the etymology of the term "drider"?

Gary Gygax took the word 'drow' from a Scots cognate of troll, with one of the meanings being 'dark elf'. David Sutherland III introduced the 'drider' in module Q1, as a drow that has been transformed ...
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Were there ever rule publications for one of the Braunstein Games?

We all know that Dungeons and Dragons - or rather the whole RPG hobby - can directly trace its history to Chainmail and the Braunstein Games. We also have a rough idea about how the Braunstein Games ...
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Are there any official references to the "a cat is a deadly encounter for a commoner" meme?

I have encountered several times the claim that cats are rather deadly encounters for any commoner and the difference between a commoner and an adventurer is, that the adventurer actually would have a ...
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How were play-by-mail quest tournaments judged?

The January 1984 edition of Dragon advertised the "SILVERDAWN Quest Tournament". The ad features a $5,000 cash prize. In a previous question I was introduced to the mechanics of play-by-mail ...
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Did Shadowrun ever have a halfling equivalent?

As far as I can remember, and have been able to research, no Shadowrun setting has a halfling equivalent. The pseudo-prequel setting earthdawn is also missing this equivalent. Has this always been the ...