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Questions tagged [human-occupied-landfill]

HoL is a parody role-playing game published by Black Dog Games. It's set on a planet that serves as a penal colony/garbage dump for the Confederation of Worlds.

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5 votes
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Any differences between the editions of Human Occupied Landfill (HōL)?

I've just been reminded that there are two editions of Human Occupied Landfill (HōL) – the first one published in 1994, the second one in 2002. I own the first edition core rulebook, as well as its ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Is an ongoing Human Occupied Landfill (HōL) campaign possible?

Back when White Wolf ruled the land of RPGs, they released a really bizarre game called HōL on their Black Dog label. A lot of the game was obviously written as a joke, but I've felt myself drawn ...
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