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For questions related to White Wolf's modern horror RPG, "Hunter: The Reckoning," a part of the World of Darkness series of RPGs

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What does Carpenter169's prophecy mean?

In The Walking Dead, a book for Hunter: The Reckoning, the character Carpenter169 delivers a prophecy on hunter-net: The hour of flame comes and the Emperor of Hell manifests. The twin-souled ...
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How should players purchase supernatural backgrounds when using a Prelude?

Hunter: The Reckoning has a concept of of a "prelude". A prelude is essentially a one-shot or one-session adventure which tells the story of how a normal, mundane human became called to the ...
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5 votes
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What do the symbols in the header of Hunter-Net Mean?

Hunter-Net is the messageboard/list serv archive that the Imbued use in Hunter: The Reckoning. The header to the site looks like this: What do the symbols (hunter code) in the header mean? The symbol ...
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How do I purchase edges?

I'm creating a new character for Hunter: The Reckoning. My virtues are Zeal (3 dots). How do I buy my edges? The short guide on page 84 of the Reckoning book says "edges (according to your Virtue ...
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