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Questions tagged [immediate-actions]

In the D&D and Pathfinder family of games, an immediate action is an action that takes place nearly-instantaneously, usually as a reaction to a trigger.

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2 answers

Can shifting trigger immediate actions?

The primary benefit of using shift instead of move, is this: No Opportunity Attacks: Your movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks. Despite the above, can shifting still trigger immediate ...
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Can you interrupt the standard action a wizard acquired via celerity with a celerity of your own?

The answers in the Question: A question about Celerity spells confused me... Some people claim that immediate actions are resolved in the order they are called wich I agree, except in the case of ...
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Immediate action right after damage

Damp Power (psionic): Manifesting Time: 1 immediate action An amber aura quickly spreads over your body, moderating the effects of the environment. When you manifest this power, you are protected ...
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Is an attack of opportunity an immediate action?

If you make an attack of opportunity, can you take an immediate action in the same round? It would make sense because immediate actions were invented after the PH (and therefore AoOs), but is this RAW?...
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Does an opportunity attack that stuns prevent the movement?

If I make an opportunity attack with some combination of riders that will cause a hit to stun (or if the victim has already taken some action, daze) can the target of my attack continue their movement?...
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Are you flat-footed after taking an action but before your first turn?

This might seem like an odd question. Ordinarily, you can't take any actions before your first turn. However, I can think of at least two ways that you can take an immediate action while flat-footed: ...
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