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For questions concerning immediate reaction powers in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.

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Do Immediate Reactions that trigger on hit trigger before or after you take damage?

I've seen a lot of different opinions on the topic, so I'm not really sure how it goes anymore. If you have an immediate reaction on hit, do you take the damage before you react? Some say yes, ...
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How to have Goblins Spring Out of Barrels

I would like to make an encounter in a storage room which is full of barrels and chests. The room is, seemingly, only guarded by goblin archers. When a PC runs past certain barrels, I would like ...
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Does Repulsion Armor Stop Movement?

My players fought a mage who was going to drop Leather Repulsion Armor, so I had the mage use the power during the fight. Repulsion Armor's power reads: Power(Daily): Minor Action. Whenever an ...
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How much control does a Ranger have over what triggers "disruptive strike" and how it is used?

4e Rangers have access to an Encounter Power called Disruptive Strike. The power is triggered by an enemy attacking the PC or an ally of the PC. The power gives a -5 penalty on the attack roll of the ...
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Does Thunder Buffer only work once per round?

My friends and I recently had an issue with the sorceror ability Thunder Buffer. Daily, Arcane Minor Action, Personal Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you gain a +2 ...
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How does a readied action triggered on movement adjacent to an ally work when an enemy charges?

A readied action is an Immediate Reaction. A charge is a movement with an attack at the end. Suppose the following case: A PC charged with protecting his party's wizard does not want to move away ...
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Can a creature use an immediate reaction after another creature's opportunity action on a third creature's turn?

My battlemind and a cleric were engaged in a melee battle with a Deathdog the other day. The cleric was knocked down on a previous turn, so that when her turn began she attempted to stand up. The ...
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