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For questions related to maintaining continuity in campaigns and campaign settings. Also for questions related to continuity in published adventures.

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How can I combine very different role-playing systems with D&D 5e?

I'm planning on making a D&D 5e campaign for my friends so they can experience what an okay DM is like rather than a bias and railroading DM which is so far their only experience of Dungeons and ...
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Can I string the D&D Starter Set campaign into another module, keeping the same characters?

I'm pretty interested in buying the D&D Starter Set as a way to get introduced to D&D and being a GM/DM for the first time. (more context in this other question I have asked, regarding the ...
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Prematurely arrested players [closed]

In short, I have 2 players that had stolen some valued items that were crafty in how they would avoid leaving a trail (changing clothes, altering directions via water). Im happy to reward their ...
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How do I get the party back together after a major PvP conflict?

In the previous adventure, the characters left on bad terms after the Monk betrayed the other two party members by trying to take their captured criminal back to her (equally criminal) monastery ...
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How do Tengu use blowguns when they have beaks?

While playing through a Paizo Adventure Path my players came across an encounter that began with a group of tengu firing poisoned darts at the party from blowguns. One of my players had the grace to ...
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Creating a new character vs taking over an inactive previous character

In a lengthy campaign players may miss some sessions or even stop playing for some time. Other players may join at any time. What are the advantages/drawbacks of having the new players taking over ...
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How to preserve player generated content?

I currently lead a Diaspora group. Diaspora is a hard science fiction Fate-based RPG which allows and basically depends on the generation of content like worlds, cultures, NPCs etc. by the players. I ...
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Dealing with a changing set of players in a continuous campaign

I have a group of players who have all been integrated into the game. However we all live in different counties and at any one time only a subset of the players can play at any one time. I try to ...
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