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Questions tagged [intimidation]

The skill to intimidate others to make them behave in a way that suits your agenda.

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What would the DC to intimidate the universe be? [closed]

I'm a level 1 fairy barbarian, and I, along with my party, killed an enemy that turned out to be a ghost, meaning they couldn't pass on to the afterlife. I asked to intimidate the universe into ...
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How to make a NPC intimidating the party more effective?

TL:DR; My players don't act as though they find intimidating NPCs intimidating. How can I make NPC intimidation more effective while maintaining player agency? My Issue I have a recurring issue across ...
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Intimidating Prowess and Unchained Barbarian's Intimidating Glare Interaction

So, I want to make an Intimidating Unchained Barbarian, and I saw that Intimidating Glare got changed. Which means that my go to feat, Intimidating Prowess, allows double your Strength modifier to ...
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How does a creature counter the Frightened condition? [closed]

Some conditions have obvious counters—-for example, if prone, a creature can stand. But how does a creature counter being frightened of another who has successfully intimidated it into being ...
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Intimidate an NPC twice or gain advantage

When trying to intimidate an NPC that could reasonably be intimidated, would it be feasible to enhance the situation with spells that aren't specifically tied to intimidation? Let's say that the PC ...
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Can the Coerce action be used on a PC?

While this is a way to take away player agency, the second part of the Haughty Obstinacy feat says: "If a creature rolls a failure on a check to Coerce you using Intimidation, it gets a critical ...
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Establishing DCs for intimidation checks against NPC's other than using the existing Conversation Reaction Table

Question Backstory In the DMG for 5th ed there is established DC levels for how NPC's will respond to you in social interactions based on whether they are friendly, indifferent, or hostile to you as ...
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How to Roleplay an Intimidation-Oriented Character Without Being a Net Negative for the Party

Introduction and Context Over the course of almost two decades of gaming, and most of my real life, my experience is that there's a social approach which seems like one of the many workable choices '...
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