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For questions dealing with topics relating to pre-teen children in tabletop gaming. (Do not use this tag for issues simply relating to child characters in a game world. If you're asking about issues relating to teenagers who play tabletop games, use the [teenagers] tag instead.)

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LARPing with the Kids [closed]

I was on a few LARPs so far, but usually, all people present are pretty much 18 or older, so you are LARPing with adults playing adult roles in an adult environment. However, in an offshoot of the ...
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Kid playing with a dog character

I want to include my 4 year old kid to our family's DnD 5th edition game. I was planning on giving him a dog character that would allow him to play along when he feels up to it. He could wander off ...
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Is Tales From the Loop starter set suitable for 9 year old kid?

I just bought a starter set for Tales From the Loop game. I plan to play it with two friends. They have a smart 9 years old son, who regularly beats us at board games. He has some difficulty reading, ...
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Can a player replace their pre-generated character with a new character they create, partway through an adventure?

I'm a new DM playing Lost Mine of Phandelver with two other adults and our kids, two 11-year-olds. We started with the pre-generated characters; I'm playing the Dwarf cleric as an NPC. One of the kids ...
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Recommended minimum age to play Puppy Day?

I read the rules for Puppy Day a while back, but I've started thinking about introducing it to some of my nieces and nephews who are between 5 and 7. The rules (which you can download for free here ) ...
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How do I handle kids' conflicting goals?

I'm playing Amazing Tales with my two daughters (an even simpler version, actually-- we don't really make characters with specific skills, I just let them be whoever and we make up a story while ...
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What homebrew dice mechanic can I use for PvP in Amazing Tales?

I've recently started playing Amazing Tales with my children. As a summary of basically all the mechanics of the game (it's pretty simple since it's targeting children), each character has four skills,...
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Jurassic Spark kids game needs to distribute fun more evenly [closed]

I recently made up an outdoor kids adventure game that is really fun for most, but could use help with making the game more fun for ALL the kids. I conducted an anonymous survey afterwards and some ...
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How does GMing a game for middle-schoolers differ from older and younger players?

My daughter has asked me to GM a D&D5e game for her and her friends, who are all aged 13-15 years of age. In the US this puts them in middle school, an age of interesting transitions. With ...
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What's the simplest class for a child?

I've been asked to run an adventure for my girlfriend and daughter (7). What's the least complicated class she could easily get to grips with? Is there a generally considered easy starter class? ...
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Which role playing games are suitable for a family with children under 10? [duplicate]

First post; please be gentle. I grew up in an environment with no exposure to role playing games (only child, frequent relocation, no base of friends). Now I have three children of my own. I want ...
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How do I deal with a friend constantly changing the rules and claiming my characters? [closed]

On behalf of my 12 year old daughter: My sister and I LARP with a friend based on different shows we watch (Glitter Force, Sailor Moon, and others). We have a lot of fun coming up with different ...
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What would be an easy-to-understand class for young children?

My son, who is 6, loves playing D&D with myself and his older brother. He is all for creating a full fledged character, and for the most part understands what is going on. However, during play, ...
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What Edition of D&D Would be Best for Children? [closed]

My experience with D&D is not as extensive as most. I used to play 3.5 years ago and have never been in the DM role before. I have six children that are interested in the game that have never ...
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An intro session for young teenagers - how to plan it?

I'm about to start Game Mastering for a group of kids/young teenagers (10-14 years old) at a local kids club. The players have some tabletop boardgames experience, never played an RPG; however, they (...
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What is the best way for me to re-learn D&D rules to be a DM and introduce game to kids? [closed]

My daughter, who is about 12, recently was given the Starter Set for D&D. She has never played before and would like me to DM for her and either her friends, her sister, whomever (assume none ...
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What success rate design is the most "fun"?

I'm looking for researched answers here, not just your feeling of what you like best. I'm setting up a lego based rpg for a bunch of young children, and my friend and I are trying to figure out what "...
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How to add challenge to a RPG-like experience for a three year old

This is an offshoot of this question, and comes in part from a comment recommending this blog post about "Advanced Doggies and Dragons", a game developed for a four year old by a gaming Dad. I have a ...
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How to enjoyably include a 4–5 year old in a D&D 5e game

My eldest daughter is nine, the same age I was when I got into the hobby. With the new edition of D&D out, it seems like too much of a fun co-incidence to give her her first taste of role playing ...
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How do you handle distractions caused by small children?

A friend of mine picked up the starter kit for 5E. After some discussion, we have 4 players and a GM ready to start a campaign. Three of us have little or no experience, while the other two have a few ...
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How do I foster enjoyment in the type of make-believe required in RPGs in a child who isn't old enough to play RPGs?

I have a four year old son who, when he gets older, I would like to introduce to RPGs. What types of non-RPG activities should I be doing now to foster enjoyment in the kind of make-believe that role-...
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Roleplaying game without (first person) violence? [closed]

Most roleplaying games include weapons, and hurting, and killing (and looting!). Moreover, some (if not most) systems seem to be made for that. However (though I do enjoy such games), I'm trying to ...
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FAE or Dungeon World as first game for kids, rusty DM?

I'm looking at FAE or Dungeon World for a first RPG for some ~11 year olds with me as a GM (who hasn't played anything but AD&D in nearly 30 years). The kids are interested in a D&D style ...
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New players missing the big picture?

Ok so I've just started my two daughters on their first ever Pathfinder campaign using the pre-built TC1 "Into the Haunted Forest". It's going ok, they are having fun, but they seem to be overlooking ...
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Minimal RPG for kids [duplicate]

I am looking for a game that I can play with my kids ages 9 and 6. The rules of course need to be easy to understand and easy to remember. Eventually I'd like to go deeper and play more ...
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Classroom RPG for kids [closed]

I work with students that have a lot of difficulty performing roles that benefit the group as a whole. Their mentality is that they all want to be the winner or at least play the most important part, ...
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Can the New World of Darkness be played with kids (11+)?

I used to play WoD many years ago (before the revised editions and the gehenna/apocalypse/etc). Now I want to get back playing WoD with my daughter and my little siblings (11-14)... They are fine ...
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Are there any adventures designed specifically for younger children? [closed]

I have been running an Advanced Heroquest lite game for our 5 year old and he is ready for something with a bit more story and plot. Are there any sources for adventures out there that are young ...
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What's the youngest age to play D&D? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When and how should I introduce my kids to RPGs? Hi there, I have four kids aged 11-6. I used to play D&D when in my teams and loved it, and would like to introduce it to ...
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Getting started with Champions

Long time ago I played Champions by Hero Games. Now I have kids who have taken an interest in RPG's so I thought I would introduce them to Champions for Christmas (Shh! Don't tell them!) So the ...
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My children want to start playing RPGs; at what age should I allow them to participate unsupervised?

Some games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, come with ratings/recommended ages before they can be played. Are those accurate? Beyond the ratings, are there any general guidelines I should follow when ...
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How do you switch from parenting-mode to GM-mode?

Directly related to this question. My players are my children, aged 7 through 14. A GM has a different relationship with players than a parent does with children. A parent tries to encourage and ...
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As a GM, how do I keep Dungeons & Dragons more interesting for young players?

Currently, my group of players is my children, ages 7+ through 14+ (and several in between). They all are really excited about playing, but I am having great difficulty keeping them all interested ...
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When and how should I introduce my kids to RPGs?

I grew up playing and DMing AD&D 1st edition. Have played a few other systems like Paranoia but really know the AD&D system well enough to not spend time constantly looking up rules. Do you ...
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What should go into a campaign synopsis (for kids)

My kids have complained that they want more back-story on my campaign world and they want handouts (must be genetic or something). So I'm writing a campaign synopsis. I'll be honest I'm very, very ...
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Are there any good tabletop RPGs for young beginning players? [closed]

I'm looking for a fun, easy to get into RPG for my kids. It could be simple and card-based, or more "normal" tabletop style. I'm looking for something less bloody and dark, and more fun and easy to ...
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