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An offshoot of Vampire: The Masquerade concerning the undead of Asia, known variously as the kuei-jin, Cathayans, or the Kindred of the East.

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How does a Kuei-Jin feed on someone's chi?

Does a Kuei-Jin drink someone's chi from their blood like a western vampire, or are there other methods?
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Can a Kindred Revenant breed with a Kuei-jin Dhamphyr?

I'm writing a story that has this background: Malkavian Methuselah Seer sees the Modern Nights and the fate of his sister, who was embraced by the Ravnos clan, and decides to mix up things up to alter ...
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How does a Devil Tiger succeed in Dharma rolls (also old World of Darkness general rules question)?

I've just started a new chronicle in Kindred of the East (Blood and Silk) and one of my players plays a Devil Tiger. Now I have problems with his Dharma rolls. Kindred of the East Rulebook states (p. ...
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Which court does Xi'an belong to?

Which court does Xi'an belong to? Is there a map of the Quincunx courts? I know there is a map in Blood and Silk, but the Quincunx didn't exist yet.
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How much experience should a vampire of a given age have?

I'm creating a setting for a Kindred of the East chronicle and I'm not sure how many discipline points or virtues characters should have. There was an old trick in V:tM that consisted in giving an ...
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