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Questions tagged [kobold-press]

For questions related to content produced by the publishing house Kobold Press. This includes the Midgard campaign setting as well as other supplements.

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How to deal w/ extreme challenge

I play in a small group (3), in a long campaign (3.5y). This is my first campaign in DnD5e. We are at the 18th level currently and got a challenge, that seems impossible for me. I play a vengeance ...
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How does Koschei's trait Hidden Soul actually work?

One of the creatures in Kobold Press' Tome of Beasts for D&D 5e is Koschei, a Slavic Lich whose soul is hidden within nested objects. Here is the relevant part of the trait in question: Hidden ...
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Is the Midgard Heroes Handbook Centaur race considered as Medium, or Large, for the purpose of grappling and shoving?

In the "Midgard Heroes Handbook" from the Kobold Press, there is a playable character race, the Centaur (not to be confused with the somewhat different Centaur published in Guildmaster's ...
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Would Effortless Lace & Lighten Weapon enable Two-Weapon Fighting with double weapons and polearms?

Can you use Effortless Lace & Lighten Weapon on double weapons and pole arms? The Effortless Lace can only be added to one-handed weapons, but Lighten Weapon lets you use a two-handed weapon in ...
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Can Animate Undead be used on the same corpse multiple times?

The spell Animate Undead (not Animate Dead), animates a corpse for a number of rounds equal to your level. After this duration, the undead presumably becomes a corpse again. The spell has the ...
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