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Kult is a modern horror RPG. It was originally published by Target Games in 1991, and is now published by Helmgast.

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Do stabilized injuries count towards the serious injury limit in Kult: Divinity Lost?

When a PC suffers one or more serious injury, they have a -1 to all rolls. When they suffer a critical wound they have another cumulative -1 to all rolls. However, all wounds (serious and critical) ...
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The Coolness attribute seems a bit broken to me. How to effectively use it as a GM?

"Act under pressure" seems to be kind of a wildcard move, useful for broadly anything when there's any kind of risk involved. It seems to me that it's somewhat broken, in the sense that it's ...
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Difficulty or penalty in KULT: Divinity Lost tests

Should the GM set a difficulty (a penalty) for player moves, in the form of Move(2d10) + Attribute - Penalty? I'm asking because, despite for Endure Injury move, ...
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What to roll when attacked in KULT: Divinity Lost?

I got a bit confused with the Avoid Harm and Endure Injury moves and when to trigger any of them. While it is very clear that Engage in Combat is the right move when the PC attacks someone who is ...
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How do "avoid a blow" edges affect the outcome of other moves?

In Kult: Divinity Lost, several Advantages can grant you combat edge that allows you to "avoid" or "block" an attack (Field Agent, Lightning Fast, Martial Arts Expert, Street Fighter). Can you mix ...
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Managing PC-NPC Relations

Our group is playing a campaign focused around organized crime in the east coast prohibition-era US. Think Italian Mafia, Irish Mob, etc. Instead of just the 'usual' mob street business (think Thommy ...
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What is the mythos behind Kult?

I'm aware that the older RPG, Kult, was loosely based on Gnostic thought and mysticism. I find the overall idea and mechanics fairly interesting and am looking into building a port of the system over ...
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What's the current state of the Kult rights? [closed]

I am pretty sure Kult's not currently in print from anyone, and I'm reasonably familiar with the US publication history. However, I haven't been able to find any information on plans, attempts, or ...
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