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A fantasy RPG that emulates (i.e. retro-clone) the rules and feel of the Basic D&D rule set edited by Tom Moldvay (B/X circa 1981).

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What are the differences between Labyrinth Lord and B/X D&D (Moldvay)?

Aside from small things like layout, art, and the exact wording of rules, what are the major differences between the D&D retro-clone Labyrinth Lord and its primary inspiration, the 1981 D&D ...
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3 answers

What are the differences between Labyrinth Lord and Lamentations of the Flame Princess?

I'm planning to use OSR modules like Caverns of Thracia, Keep on the Borderlands (and new material also as Vornheim) and so on in a open table project I'm running. I'm not sure whether using ...
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8 votes
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Can I use my sling while on the ceiling using Spider Climb?

Spider climb lets me climb walls and ceilings by making my hands and feet stick to surfaces. The spell specifics from the Labryinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion The subject can climb and travel ...
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23 votes
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How does Swords & Wizardry differ from Labyrinth Lord?

How do the rules of the 0e retro-clone Swords & Wizardry differ from Labyrinth Lord? What are the differences that a player or GM would notice when going from one system to the other?
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2 answers

How does a fighter get his 4th attack per round in Labyrinth Lord?

The Labyrinth Lord rules, p11, say: Beginning at 15th level, a fighter gains one additional attack per round. One further attack is gained every 5 levels to a maximum of 4 attacks per round. So, I ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of oldschool D&D combat initiative?

Old D&D and D&D3E/4E treat initiative and combat order differently like so: D&D 3.5 / 4E: All participants roll individual initiative, once only at the start of combat. Each player takes ...
15 votes
6 answers

Using 2x on d12 instead of x on a d6 in OD&D/Classic D&D/Clones

A staple of of early D&D is the "1 in 6" or "2 in 6" chance for surprise, finding secret doors, and so on. Recently, some of the retro-clones, mostly noticeably Lamentations of the Flame Princess ...
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10 votes
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What to do in Labyrinth Lord when both PCs and Foes are surprised?

In Labyrinth Lord, when there is a possibility of surprise for both PCs and foes, both sides roll 1d6. A 1-2 indicates that side is surprised for the first round. If both sides roll a 1-2, both ...
8 votes
2 answers

How can the GM go diceless in classic D&D?

For those unfamiliar with the concept semi-diceless gaming is only having the players roll the dice. It's used in Cinematic Unisystem and the old (and now free) game Legendary Lives. I'd like to ...
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