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*Lady Blackbird* is a premade scenario with pregenerated characters and the underlying game system, a Solar System hack.

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What's the process for creating a custom Lady Blackbird character?

OneSevenDesign's Lady Blackbird has got to be one of my favourite small games, and in fact favourite games of any size. It's focused on a specific narrative featuring a spacefaring steampunk crew with ...
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How do I introduce refreshment scenes to my players?

I'm about to introduce my friends to the game Lady Blackbird, which I've never played before (PDF link to system). I'm the GM of the upcoming game. The game has a rule allowing a character to have a ...
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Obstacles and success levels in Magister Lor

There's a lot of supporting discussion on the internet about Lady Blackbird, but as yet there's much less about the sequels Magister Lor and Lord Scurlock. I am confused about some of the changes in ...
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How to avoid arguments with a player about what "should" happen?

I recently GMed my first real role-playing game in Lady Blackbird with a few friends who are also new to tabletop RPGs, and it went quite well except for a few parts. Here's an example; the basic ...
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In Lady Blackbird, how do you NPC the characters people haven't picked?

My normal Apocalypse World crew was down a player this week, so I ran Lady Blackbird for 'em. It was my first time running the game (and we all had a blast), but I got rather confused when playing the ...
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