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An approach to character generation that develops the character's abilities and attributes through stages in their career or backstory, with different occupations contributing different skills and benefits (or disadvantages). Example RPG systems using this approach are Traveller and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

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Making a noble bastard child prodigy in Burning Wheel

I can't see how to make a noble bastard child prodigy. The noble born gets one trait that he has to spend on Mark of Privilege. I looked that up to make sure I wasn't crazy. Then I go to bastard. You ...
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Is there a lifepath system for the Star Wars setting? [closed]

I'm looking for a system for generating characters similar to the system used by the MechWarrior Third Edition RPG. At each stage in a character's life from early childhood into adulthood the player ...
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Is there a Open Game License (OGL) or similar life-path system out there?

I've decided to try and "build" a system of my own, and I've decided to make it a "life path" system but I don't really want to start from absolute scratch, but thus far I've haven't found any open ...
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How could I add life paths to Rogue Trader?

My friend is starting up a Rogue Trader game soon, but it was a close call between that and Traveller Char gen...that's right, not the game but just the character generation. Last time I played ...
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How can I introduce Life Paths to character generation?

The first time I played* Traveller, I found myself blown away by the detailed character creation, featuring year by year (4 year chunks actually) break down of how your character got where they are ...
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