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For questions about lizardfolk or lizard men as a playable or monstrous race in Dungeons & Dragons and related RPGs. Lizardfolk have appeared as a reptilian humanoid species in some fashion in every version of D&D to date. They are traditionally depicted as semi-aquatic omnivores with a preference for meat.

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In D&D 5e, can a Human be Reborn as a Lizardfolk?

I have a Lizardfolk character who was originally a human who got sick from a fungi infestation, who went to a Necromancer who murdered them and resurrected them in a Lizardfolk's body. I read the ...
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Does a Lizardfolk benefit from wearing +1 leather armor?

I just realized a quirk of wording. Lizardfolk Natural Armor: You have tough, scaly skin. When you aren't wearing armor, your AC is 13 + your Dexterity modifier. You can use your natural armor to ...
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Player misunderstood NPC, now misrepresenting quest goals to rest of party [closed]

Overview: One of my players had a conversation with an NPC in a language no other character or player was in on, and now the player's misunderstanding of what was said is making a simple side quest ...
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Can a Wildshaped Druid trigger Dive Attack twice in a turn?

So I have a lizardfolk moon druid and I was curious about the interaction between his bonus action Hungry Jaws ability and the Dive Attack ability of the Quetzalcoatlus. "Dive Attack. If the ...
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Mage Spell Telepathy : Comunication with Intelligent Beings

After a Dungeon World Session a mage asked me if using telepathy enables him to speak to a lizardman (pyromancer character). The lizardman doesn't speak common language. So far, only the druid can ...
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Why would a Lizardfolk become an adventurer?

I'm struggling to find a motivation for a Lizardfolk character to join an adventuring party or to go out and discover the world. Reading the description from Volo's Guide to Monsters, I'm getting ...
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With Two-Weapon Fighting, can the second attack be a bite attack?

My son is keen to use a lizardfolk with bite attack as a character. We are assuming the second attack can be a bite as the offhand attack, which seems reasonable. But then he also wants to use a ...
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20 votes
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Do clubs of different materials have different stats?

In an upcoming campaign I’m playing a Lizardfolk barbarian, and one of the lizardfolk features is Cunning Artisan which means I can harvest any creature, plant, etc to create a club, javelin, blowgun ...
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Can you benefit from the Defense fighting style while not using armor AC calculation?

Let's assume a Lizardfolk fighter, with the Defense fighting style, wearing leather armor. Lizardfolk, per Volo's p. 113, get Natural Armor: You have tough, scaly skin. When you aren't wearing ...
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What do lizardfolk villages look like?

I'm working on a D&D 5e campaign's setting that includes a lizardfolk village in a relatively central location, in or near a deep jungle city ruled by dragonborn. Based on previous D&D ...
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Does the Wisdom modifier apply on a lizard-monk's armor class? [duplicate]

Lizardfolk is a PC race from the book Volo's Guide to Monsters. The Players Handbook says (Monk): Beginning at 1st level, while you are wearing no armor and not wielding a shield, your AC equals ...
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Does the Lizardfolk NPC template's bonus to AC apply when armored, or only when unarmored?

DMG p. 282 gives guidance for modifying NPC stat blocks to adapt them for specific monster races. For lizardfolk, one of the listed modifications is a "+3 natural armor bonus to AC". A friend and I ...
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Does D&D 4e have a Lizardfolk as a playable, PC race?

There are many entries in the Monster Manual for Lizardfolk, but I have yet to find a good piece of literature describing how to play them as a player race. If necessary I will create it from scratch, ...
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What to do with a Lizardfolk with high Str/Con/Cha?

Brief explanation; this is my third/fourth character of the campaign (after 4 sessions). He was originally a level 2 Elf Ranger, but after a mishap with a trapped temple and a Cloaker he got ...
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What are good resources for playing Lizardfolk characters?

Are there any good official resources (racial feats or class substitutions) for Lizardfolk characters in 3.5? Races of Eberron threw goblinoids and orcs a bone but nothing for the poor denizens of Q'...
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