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For questions about rules for called shots, hit locations, location-based injuries, and similar systems in various RPGs.

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My players want extra effects from their attacks. What should I do?

I'm DMing for a group of 4 players, that are currently at level 3. Two of them have played a fair bit of 5e before, and two of them are new. I'm also new to DMing, though generally familiar with the ...
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Are Called Shots worth the investment?

I have been searching for interesting rules systems to make Pathfinder сombat more cinematic in an E6 campaign and to make classes relying on mundane attacks a bit more powerful. At first, Called ...
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Does rolling an eye on attacks always provoke?

I have a question about the called shots under special rules on page 232 of the core rules. A creature automatically attempts a called shot using the weapon it is currently wielding as its next ...
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Can I target a specific hit location with a ranged weapon attack?

A few sessions into our campaign and somebody noticed the Hit Location rules are in the Melee Attack Options section of the rules: Basic Campaigns, pg 369: Hit Location It is assumed that you ...
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Are there any spells that can damage a creature in another creatures stomach?

Under Casting a Spell > targets there is the following section: A Clear Path to the Target To target something, you must have a clear path to it, so it can't be behind total cover. If you place an ...
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Are these Called Shot rules balanced? [closed]

I am DM a campaign in DnD 5e, where the players have expressed a desire to be able to do Called Shots. I am not resistant to this idea, but what I do not want is for the Called Shots to be so useful ...
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How to flavor my narration of a fight in a creatively plausible way without affecting mechanics?

I'm DMing a recently-started campaign with 5 new players. They are completely new to RPGs and roleplay. In a combat, they often phrased their attacks in ways such as "I aim at the eyes in order to ...
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My players want to use called-shots on Strahd

Possible spoilers for the D&D 5E adventure Curse of Strahd: So last week my players encountered Strahd at level 3. My intention with this is to teach the players to think before spending their ...
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3 answers

Can I attack an object that is being worn or carried by a creature during combat?

Some enemies depend heavily on an object they wear or carry to be an effective combatant and so it may be advantageous to attack and destroy the object first, but I can't tell whether this is allowed. ...
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Can a zombie survive headless?

Zombies in popular fiction are sometimes able to survive without a head. Can a zombie in D&D do the same? This is relevant for an effect like the vorpal sword's, which says: When you attack a ...
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Are there any rules for neck stabs/bleeding out?

I was a little caught off-guard during the most recent 5e session in a campaign I run, so I was hoping to get some input here. One of the players snuck up on a villainous NPC and stabbed them in the ...
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Aiming Rules for Bows in ACKS

In the core book for ACKS (Adventurer Conqueror King System), there's an example of play that includes a bonus for aiming with a bow. However, scouring the combat section (and bows under equipment), ...
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5 answers

Would treating critical hits as "called shots" have unintended consequences?

While running a session, I found that some of the players would like to "call shots". Now while I don't want to allow "crit on desire" by always aiming for the head/eyes/etc., I was thinking about ...
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Would crushing an NPC's testicle, as part of torture, reduce its hit points?

In this case, the crushing was done via a foot on the NPC's testicles, at first without pressure. When he continued to refuse us key information we gradually applied pressure until his testicle was ...
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Should players be allowed to be more effective in combat through more specific attack choices

My issue seems to to be coming from players acting as if being more specific in describing their attacks allows them to have more effects and be stronger for free. For example, instead of saying "I ...
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Can you reckless attack and choose to hit a limb?

I'm a DM playing D&D 5e and have a barbarian in my game. He is using the usual advantage on attack with reckless attack. But then he says he chooses to "hit a limb" like a headshot which, he says, ...
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3 answers

Where to Find the Level 1 Focus Rules for Hit Locations

I am trying to find the Level Focus rules that are talked about on page 49 of the Aventurian Bestiary under the special rules of the Giant Stag Beetle. Weak Spot: The giant stag beetle has PRO 2 on ...
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How should I handle players wanting to aim their attacks at specific body parts?

My players have been asking to improvise specific combat actions, mostly the archer wanting to aim at specific body parts. I haven't been able to find anything in the DMG or the PHB on the subject so ...
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Headshot (but don't aim for it please)

Apologies for not using the perfect English wording, I only own the books in my native language. But I think it will become clear what actions I'm talking about. In combat, you can take aim. This is ...
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Is it possible to aim or do called shots when fanning?

In Savage Worlds Deluxe / Deadlands Reloaded, can a gunslinger fanning his pistol aim a round (-2) first, and/or can he try to hit vitals/heads (called shot) during fanning?
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How do I narrate a Called Shot to the head?

The Ranger has a starting move of Called Shot. When you attack a defenseless or surprised enemy at range, you can choose to deal your damage or name your target and roll + DEX. Head. *10+: as 7-9, ...
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Making a melee called shot on a hand that's wielding a weapon

In a melee combat, if the character aims at the hand of the oponent, does it matter if this opponent is wielding an weapon in this same hand? I'm asking because my players started to end all of their ...
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Can I attack a specific spot on an enemy?

I'm starting a D&D 3.5e campaign this weekend as a rogue and have been thinking about not being able to make a sneak attacks on undead. I was thinking that I could at least slice its Achilles ...
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What are the rules for called shots?

The d20pfsrd presents variant rules for called shots here. The source information for this page claims they come from the core rules, but I can't find them in the Core Rulebook. What source can I find ...
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