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Questions tagged [lore]

For questions about a setting's in-world details or background.

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How to Reconcile Pax Arcanum and Permission of New Second Awakenings?

Archmasters possess superhuman capabilities of both foresight and scheming, have immense supernatural powers, and are always on the lookout for aspirants. The Pax Arcanum forbids interfering with ...
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7 votes
0 answers

What Lore Changed Between Editions?

Now that the second edition of Eclipse Phase is out, I would like to know what bits of lore are different in second edition. I know most of it was meant to stay intact, but that doesn't mean that ...
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2 votes
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Dragon Age RPG: Can a Mage Bind Spirits to Items Like Cannons?

My experience is limited to the Dragon Age games and a few RPG books (namely, a 2015 Core Rulebook, Players' and GM's Guide v1.2) and I've played Inquisition as an attempt to prime myself to write an ...
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