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For questions about items imbued with magic in some way, usually beneficial but occasionally detrimental, such as a cloak which renders the wearer invisible or a hammer which returns to its wielder when thrown.

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When using or crafting a Spellcasting item, do modifiers that apply to spellcasting apply?

Specifically, I am interested in if the Power Boost power (from the Prometheum Exxet) could interact with an item that has the Spellcasting power (though there may be other cases where interactions ...
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Are terrain tiles for immurement magic items available?

Regarding immurements, a class of consumable magic item which transforms a 4×4 square area into a specified sort of terrain, the Adventurer's Vault 2 says (p. 89): Players can find printable maps for ...
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How many spell-bearing items can you activate in a turn?

In the Prometheum Exxet, there are two means of creating an item that can cast a spell: Items with the Automatic Spells power, which require no Zeon and have to recharge, and items with the ...
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Does rogue's vest bonus damage apply separately for each precision damage source?

Rogue's vest (MiC 130) grants users with "the skirmish, sneak attack, or sudden strike ability" an extra 1d6 damage "when making such an attack" Does this mean that, for example, a ...
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Boosting Poet’s Cloak? (Pathfinder 1e)

I’m trying to make my Skald a bit more versatile to assist the party and the Poet’s cloak caught my eye. Not all the party greatly benefits from my inspired rages all the time but being able to shift ...
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How do I make a spellcasting item that doesn't require a mage or a sleepless person to maintain it?

So let's say I want to make an Infinite Bag, for carrying all the stuff in. My GM has ruled that I cannot give an item ZR (and thus I cannot use the "Spellcasting Item" table, as that requires ...
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What creatures/magic items have/can give resistance/immunity to nonmagical damage?

In 5e, I'd like to know the ways in which a creature can have immunity to all types of nonmagical damage, either through a stat block or a magic item. Specifically, I'm looking for a complete list ...
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Are these Relics of Legend Artifacts described well enough to be useable?

Yes, I spent the last 3 days listening to Gloryhammer... and started writing up the Relics of Legend just for the lulz. Now, I wonder if they are on one hand close enough to the inspiring material to ...
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