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For questions about the nature of magic in a game. Use [spells] for questions on specific spells, and [spellcasting] for questions specifically about the process of spellcasting.

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How can a wandering, destitute GURPS DFRPG Cleric cast high cost spells?

In GURPS Dungeon Fantasy/DFRPG, there's at least one spell offered to Clerics (even with low Power Investiture, meaning it's available to Henchman level or Priest lens characters) that has a ...
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How can I add castable magic spells to Mouse Guard?

In How can we add magic to the game? Glazius comprehensively covers most magic systems and how to add them to Mouse Guard, at the end they give the option Not A Dodge: Actual Magic Systems ..but this ...
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Is there any lore about faerzress being used for portals?

The 1st edition of D&D introduced the Underdark with the Adventure D1, D2, and D3, later compiled into the Queen of Spiders supermodule. One characteristic feature of the Underdark was that long-...
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Converting Calming Animals from GURPS Magic to Dark Ages: Mage

As an exercise, I'm trying to adapt spells from GURPS Magic (I only have the Brazilian Portuguese version and I don't have any idea of which edition it is, but it seems to be an old one) to Dark Ages: ...
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