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For questions about Marvel Super Heroes, a role-playing game published by TSR. It was designed by Jeff Grubb and written by Steve Winter, and uses the FASERIP attribute system. It was initially published as Marvel Super Heroes: The Heroic Role-Playing Game in 1984, and an expanded edition titled the Marvel Super Heroes Advanced Set was published in 1986.

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What is "an Intuition roll of Good Intensity"?

I'm listening to a podcast that does close readings of old RPG material, and something they've just described really has me scratching my head. They're running down an old Marvel Super Heroes ...
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Could Touchsight be used to feel the presence of the microscopic or nanoscopic?

Touchsight allows you to feel your surroundings, and ignore invisibility and darkness and other visually obscuring effects. It also allows you to detect and pinpoint all creatures within range. And it ...
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What exactly is the distance one can teleport?

Looking at the teleport powers from the books and also the net supplement ultimate powers I'm unsure. Ultimate powers states Coulmn E on distance table while the core rules say the rank defines the ...
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