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For questions primarily about medicinal or recreational drugs in-game in the context of RPGs, this includes issues relating to creating, acquiring, and using medicinal and other drugs in-game. Questions about regular food and drink should use the [food-and-drink] tag, magic potions in RPGs should use the [potions] tag, poisons and toxins should use the [poison] tag instead. Questions about the real-world use of medicine/drugs are off-topic for this tag.

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Are alcoholism and drug addiction curable diseases?

In 5e, are alcoholism and drug addiction "curable" diseases? Could they be cured by Lesser Restoration and other spells/items that "end diseases"? Could symptoms of withdrawal be ...
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What is the correct spelling of narcoject/narcojet?

In the Shadowrun Fifth Edition Core Rulebook, there are two different spellings used to refer to a tranquilliser in the game: "narcoject", and "narcojet". I am assuming that the ...
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Is there a Typo in the effects of eX?

eX is described as having an effect for "(8 – Body) hours, minimum of 1 hour", and then for the same time a disorienting backlash-effect. That much is clear. However, the backlash effects ...
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How does Regeneration interact with drugs?

Shadowrun Shapeshifters are among the most durable enemies one could face, unless one is armed with silver weaponry or magic, because they have the Regeneration trait. This heals them up by a ...
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Could sorcerer's blood double as dragon's blood?

Considering Introduced into Sharn by Daask, dragon's blood is a potent and highly addictive stimulant. In addition to inducing euphoria, it can enhance spellcasting ability or even temporarily imbue ...
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Does the GM have total discretion regarding when to force an addiction roll for drugs?

Cyberpunk 2020 obviously discourages player characters from voluntarily using drugs. The rulebook includes hints such as: Remember: Drugs are dangerous. Mess with them and you'll probably kill your ...
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Are there official or unofficial rules for drugs and addiction?

I’m playing the 7ed version of Masks of Nyarlathotep. I decided to have my character a laudanum user as he’s an opium addict, because I was certain there were rules about narcotics and drug addiction ...
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Are the consequences of this Magic drug balanced with its benefits?

I'm planning to have my players deal with a drug ring in a city with a prominent magic university. I wanted to have a drug that would make sense as a drug to be a problem in this particular city and ...
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Why roll a d6 when designing drugs?

I'm designing drugs, 'cause punk. (See Chapter 9: Drugs) I've chosen my effects, the drug's strength, and possibly even some side effects. Now I choose my duration, which (if minutes or hours rather ...
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What are the Costs of Offensive Drugs and Poisons?

What are the costs of offensive drugs and poisons in Cyberpunk 2020? That is, the various types of drugs and poison set out in the Friday Night Firefight section that can be delivered via airgun, ...
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Are there any consumables that function as addictive (psychedelic) drugs?

Long story short Today, in a homebrew campaign that I DM, a player tried out a natural drug that he found and heard about: Flashberries. In my world it's believed to be a psychedelic drug and those ...
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Why are Anagathics so expensive in character creation?

They costs about Cr 700,000 each term! How can anyone afford this from benefits (or be in great Medical Debt)? Or maybe it is a mistake in PDF? It's not worth it at all. Also it requires a SOC10+ ...
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How would I classify SAN loss due to Chemically-Induced Fear in Delta Green?

As a relatively-new GM, I've been looking through the Delta Green Agent's Handbook (the new system, not the CoC system), though I unfortunately don't own the Handler's Guide, and I've decided to ...
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How do I interpret these rules for Drugs and Addiction?

One of the PCs is addicted to Aether. I have read the rules about Drugs and Addiction but I do not understand everything yet. The rules for Moderate Addiction state: Type disease, variable; Save ...
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Are Medicinals used offensively supposed to allow a saving throw?

In combat, one can use a Needler, Needler Rifle or Injection Glove to apply a drug, an injury poison, or a medicinal compound to an enemy via the Injection special property. For the Drugs and ...
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Price of Blackmarket Substances

I have a player (ruthless drug lord) who is attempting to buy an injected incapacitating agent called sodium thiopental. Since thiopental cannot be bought on the open market, I'm having trouble ...
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What's Shiva (Drug)?

I only know that the shiva drug was used in the "Eurowar" but what's the effect of the drug? And is it possible to get in Shadowrun 5 or is it impossible? Does it still exsist?
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Good sources for creating a poison and blackmail-based character? [closed]

I am in the process of creating a character for Pen & Paper roleplay, and I have decided to play a more complicated character whose skills I am far from having or understanding fully, yet, and I ...
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Are there rules for characters who smoke?

I was building a venerable Dragonwrought Kobold character, and as part of my mental image of him I pictured him having a smoking habit- like the old "tobacco leaves in a pipe" kind. Thing is though, ...
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How to effectively run a "Petal" trip or other dream-like sequences

A little background: Eclipse Phase has a drug in the setting that creates a shared hallucinated experience among participants. These drugs, called Petals, are also designed to have some sort of ...
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