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"Mind's Eye Theatre" refers to a number of different live-action rules sets for World of Darkness play. The most familiar version uses rock-paper-scissors to resolve challenges.

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Vampire and Safety Tools

Vampire the Masquerade has a lot of abilities to abuse other players, especially via disciplines like Dominate and Presence. Obfuscate can be used to appear as literally anyone, which might be used to ...
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Vampire Mind Eye's Theatre to Vampire the Masquerade

I was wondering about if there's some "translation" guide to use the characters from one system to the other, as the Vampire the Requiem to Vampire The Masquerade. It's just because there's a Ventrue ...
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Do I have to spend XP on rituals I earn by increasing my thaumaturgy?

I am having a dispute with the assistant storyteller of our live action Vampire game. Laws of the Night says I earn rituals when I increase the primary path of Thaumaturgy. From the book: A ...
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Can the base damage of a Sorcerous Fetish be raised?

In the new MET Werewolf book, one of the options for a Fetish is the Sorcerous cantrip, which inflicts a damage of one. Is there any way to raise that damage with Fetish or Equipment Qualities?
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How does RPS probability impact game flow?

I've recently started playing By Night Studios' version of Vampire: the Masquerade, and I have a couple of questions concerning the RPS resolution system, and how it affects the flow of play. These ...
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Better Rules for Breaking In with MET:VTR

My understanding of breaking into a secured area in NWOD is that it is an extended test using Dexterity + Larceny + Equipment vs a set number of successes (5, 10, or 15) required depending on the ...
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What content and format does a MET: VTM character submission need? [closed]

I'm about to start playing a Mind's Eye Theatre Vampire the Masquerade game using the rules from the "Blood & Betrayal: Secrets of the Grey Ghost" preview packet, and I need some help to create my ...
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Can I use old Masquerade supplemental material in Vampire: the Requiem?

So I just started a nWoD Requiem game with the Mind's Eye Society and know nothing about what books can and cannot be used. I found a few things that I like in the Masquerade Gangrel handbook. There ...
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Do the main gauche and Fighting Style: Two Weapons combine defensively?

Using the MET core rules, do the defense bonuses for using a Main Gauche and Fighting Style: Two Weapons stack? i.e. If I have a character with a main-gauche and one dot of FS:TW, does he get two dots ...
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