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The Mistborn Adventure Game is an RPG based on Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series of novels on Scadrial throughout its various eras. It does not include the greater Cosmere universe.

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Can you allocate more than 10 dice to an action/defense for 'free' Nudges?

Normally, any die pool made with more than 10 dice converts each additional die into a free Nudge. During Conflict, you can create a non-pool of more than 10 Action Dice. From this, you allocate a ...
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Can you add dice from Traits when you make a defense roll (and didn't do Active Defense)?

For example, if you labeled a trait 'shield fighter' and are currently using a shield, could you add a die for that trait when defending against a physical attack, even if you declared an attack ...
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When does using a Shield help?

Going over the rule about Conflict regarding Action/Defense Dice, it's not clear when Shields (which grant Defense Dice against physical attacks) are useful. Do you always roll Shield Dice when you ...
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Iron and Steel and "anchored" Allomancy, do you need the Multiple Targets stunt?

The Physical External Metals, Iron and Steel, give the two most well-known and visible forms of Allomancy - the ability to Pull or Push metals around you. The descriptions both mention "anchoring" by ...
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Is the mistborn adventure game based on another system?

The Mistborn Adventure Game, seems like a very flexible system for using to roleplay certain fictional worlds. I really like it. I am wondering if it is based on any other system. Perhaps ...
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How powerful is a gnat?

In the Mistborn Adventure Game, a person who is a Misting has their Powers level set at Average. However, a Misting who burns Aluminum has an effectively worthless power since it requires the ability ...
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