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Questions tagged [monsters]

For questions relating to either monstrous antagonists specifically, or all enemies of the player characters generally, depending on the traditions of specific games. Use as appropriate for the game in question.

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How does Koschei's trait Hidden Soul actually work?

One of the creatures in Kobold Press' Tome of Beasts for D&D 5e is Koschei, a Slavic Lich whose soul is hidden within nested objects. Here is the relevant part of the trait in question: Hidden ...
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What happens when a creature with Racial Hit Dice changes creature type?

The specific example I'm working with is a creature with RHD who takes the Human Heritage feat... and then advances by HD. The creature retains all the traits of its previous type (so far so good), ...
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Does a Protean Scourge's simulacrum retain the ability to split up and recombine?

The simulacrum has less HD than the original creature, but to what extent does it retain the original creature's abilities? The Protean Scourge (Monster Manual III, p. 126) has the Split ability the ...
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