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For questions about morale mechanics in RPGs, rules for handling how characters' courage, confidence, or dedication are affected positively or negatively by what happens to those around them, particularly in combat.

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How do I do a Morale Check in 5e?

While often when running an encounter as the DM, the motivations of the party's opponents is pretty clear, sometimes when the encounter was randomly or somewhat-randomly put in there, or it's not a "...
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Rage Morale bonus and Moment of Greatness

How does the morale bonus to STR when raging interact with the spell Moment of Greatness when making an attack? Can you double the +4 morale bonus to STR only on the attack, only the damage roll, ...
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Does a Tenacity check trigger on percentage of current or total hit point?

The various tenacity levels all include being damaged as a trigger event, from 50 to 25 per cent damage. (Or, in the case of cowardly, any damage; and in the case of brave, ‘suffer enough for ToP ...
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Are there any morale rules that say when NPCs should flee?

In AD&D 2nd edition there were morale checks to determine whether an NPC or monster continues to fight, or tries to surrender or flee. In core D&D 3.5 there is nothing of that sort (if I've ...
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When do you check for terror in an encounter?

When facing an abomination with a terror rating, when is the terror check triggered in the encounter? Is there only one check per encounter?
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Good Mutiny Rules?

I am currently GMing a pirate game (running since 2009) where the PCs have become the command crew of a pirate ship. Their crew is they typical mix of pirates from other ships they've overcome (join ...
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Is there an oldschool-style morale system for D&D 3e?

Oldschool D&D has rules for morale, such as these from Labyrinth Lord: Monsters have a listing for morale, which represents how likely they are to fight or flee when in an aencounter. Morale is ...
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