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For questions about mechanics specific to the first edition of the Mouse Guard tabletop role-playing game, launched in 2008. (A new edition was launched in 2017. See also: the [mouse-guard] tag.)

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11 votes
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What are the differences between the first and second editions of Mouse Guard?

I have the hardcover first edition of Mouse Guard, and I’ve been trying to determine what differences there are in content between the book, the box set and the second edition versions of both. ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What's the risk in Helping a teammate during a conflict?

When giving a Helping die in Mouse Guard, the trade-off is that one is bound by the success or failure consequences. But how is that a downside in a conflict? Each of the team members is already ...
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15 votes
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In a Mouse Guard fight, does each team target a specific other team with each move?

The Mouse Guard rules are unclear on whether -- during an extended conflict, a team's actions specifically address only a single other team on each phase of the turn. I think so, but not everyone in ...
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