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Questions tagged [multiple-attack-penalty]

For questions about Multiple Attack Penalty, a Pathfinder 2e mechanic where successive attacks in a turn have an increasing penalty.

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13 votes
2 answers

Multiple Attack Penalty on the Trip Action

Since the Trip Action has the Attack Trait, it is subject to MAP (if you tried to Trip as your second action in a turn, your Athletics check would be at a -5). What about weapons that have both the ...
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Does Assurance bypass the MAP?

I was watching a YouTube channel that does P2E builds this morning. This one was for a grappler-type character, and it mentioned taking Assurance to avoid the Multiple Attack Penalty. That seems like ...
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Does Improved Knockdown reduce the multi-attack penalty?

The Improved Knockdown fighter and mauler feat modifies the Knockdown feat action, specifically You can dash your foe to the ground with a single blow. When you use Knockdown, instead of making a ...
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What happens to the multiple attack penalty if I use a readied action to step out of melee range?

Under this video and in various groups, there is a debate about what happens after a character uses a readied action to step out of melee range. I did not find an official answer, so maybe you guys ...
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How does Tail Spin increase MAP?

Tail Spin is a Goblin feat: Attempt a single Athletics check to Trip up to two adjacent creatures. Trip has the Attack trait, so it increases the MAP. However, it says you make a single check, does ...
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Do Illusory Creatures suffer Multiple Attack Penalty (MAP); is it shared with the spellcaster?

Illusory creature isn't a Minion and doesn't provide much information about attacking. It seems likely that it would take MAP, but doesn't specify so I'm not sure; it's additionally unclear if it ...
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How does Flurry of Blows interact with the Multiple Attack Penalty?

As a monk, I can make a Flurry of Blows action that lets me make two unarmed strikes with one action. According to the Multiple Attack Penalty section, The second time you use an attack action during ...
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How does Disarming Assault interact with the Multiple Attack Penalty?

A barbarian has picked up the Disarming Assault feat. You attack with enough force to knock the weapon out of your foe's hands. Make a melee Strike; if you hit, you can attempt an Athletics check to ...
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How does the Multiple Attack Penalty apply to the Chain Reaction feat?

The Chain Reaction feat available to the Unexpected Sharpshooter dedication allows a character to, as a 3-action ability, make a shot, and then make additional strikes against new targets as long as ...
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How does Multiple Attack Penalty works with actions that allow multiple Strikes? [duplicate]

I was wondering how Multiple Attack Penaly works with actions like Adult Silver Dragon's Draconic Frenzy that reads: The silver dragon makes two claw Strikes and one tail Strike in any order At page ...
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