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For questions primarily about issues related to playing a game with more than one game master.

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Homebrewing tips for multi-table campaigns? [closed]

To be clear, I am not looking for homebrew. I am only looking for tips for running games, with the current requirements I have set. Anyway, I am going to be running a campaign for some new players. ...
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Getting Players to Share GM Duty? [closed]

Has anybody here had any success getting players to take turns GMing sessions. I've tried a couple of times and had no takers. I offered incentives most recently, in the form of guaranteed extra XP ...
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Can a DM change an item given by another DM?

If a player received a specific end reward and doesn't like it, can the new DM change that item's traits (whether or not the item was created differently than in the book)? We are playing home games, ...
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How to write an enjoyable multi-table adventure? [closed]

Together with a few friends, we want to run an interleaved D&D 5E multi-table adventure (Adventure League “EPIC”, Pathfinder Society “Special”, “Battle Interactive”) for our games society in the ...
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Can we be game master as a couple?

My girlfriend and I enjoy developing my D&D world a lot. We spend much time talking about what the backgrounds of characters are, how history has developed, what the relations between the ...
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How can my co-GM and I improvise together when running a game?

Here's the background - one of the players have to leave town for an exchange programmee lasting 6 months, but I have already filled his slot with another player. We are thinking of ways to include ...
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