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The Mythic RPG from Word Mill Games is both a standalone RPG and also a toolset to run other RPGs without a GM.

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Mythic GM fate system and Pathfinder character skills

I am having trouble understanding how you combine these. Specifically, the perception and knowledge skills seem like they would have quite a bit of weight on the questions asked. The other skills seem ...
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How do I handle Lore and Discern Realities Rolls while playing with a GM Emulator?

It seems like sort of an oddity to ask about solo play, but I haven't been able to play with my group and I'm itching to try some good Dungeon World action. Hoewever, I have a big problem: how am I ...
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How to play a published adventure solo?

I have an adventure module that I want to play through but can't convince anyone to play with me (or our schedules don't line up right). I know I can use the Mythic GM Emulator to simulate a GM, but I ...
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Are there any software tools for the Mythic system? [closed]

I've tried to find some computerized tools for this system, but I did not manage to find any. The quite generic name is bringing back lots of not-related-to-the-game answers. I would like to have at ...
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