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Nentir Vale is where most low-level official adventures set in 4th edition D&D's Points of Light setting take place.

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How are years measured in Nentir Vale campaign setting?

According to what horological system are years marked (like our "AD" and "BC")? In addition, what is the current year on their calendar (assuming a canonical calendar exists)?
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2 votes
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Eladrin population centers in Nerath/Nentir Vale?

Looking for something to reference in a character background. PHB says some of their cities fade in and out of 'this world' on a daily cycle. Ideally somewhere feasibly accessible to Nentir Vale, but ...
10 votes
1 answer

What is the name of the default D&D 4E world containing the Nentir Vale?

The 4E Essentials rules compendium describes the Nentir Vale as a region of the Dungeons and Dragons world, but it does not mention the name of the world. Does it have a name?
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Likelyhood of Feywild creatures in Nentir Vale

What are the population level of Feywild creatures in Nentir Vale? It must not be massive. For example, everyone should be terrified of scarecrows.
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