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For questions about Only War, an Imperial Guard-focused RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It was published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2012.

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How exactly does the "Tearing" property work?

There is some ambiguity in the Tearing property. The Dark Heresy Rulebook states that: These weapons roll two dice for Damage and choose the highest. Rogue Trader, Deathwatch and Only War are ...
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How are mutations gained?

How mutations are gained in Only War is vague compared to the other 40k RPGs. The maladies are clearly explained, so why the vagueness on mutation. Have there been any official clarifications on how ...
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Is the grenade launcher indirect-capable or not?

The flavor text for the grenade launcher in Only War on page 182 specifically calls out: These shots can be arced high into the air as suppressive fire at unseen targets as well as being used ...
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If a character is hit multiple times by a crippling weapon, does the crippling effect stack?

My regiment has variant pattern autoguns with the crippling(2) quality. If I shoot an ork once and deal damage and one of my squadmates also hits the ork with his autogun, does the ork take 2 or 4 ...
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In Only War, when a character is created with Starting Skills, are they trained in these skills?

In Only War, during character creation, most guardsmen and support specialists have certain Starting Skills. Does a character with a starting skill start with that skill "Trained" (+10 or whatever) or ...
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Does making an Overwatch attack end the Overwatch?

In the two versions of WH40K Roleplay I have access to (Deathwatch and Only War) the Overwatch action is presented with largely identical text, as follows: The active character guards a specific ...
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What does the rending weapon property do?

We have weapons that have "rending" but we can't find out what rending does. Anyone know?
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Would Dark Heresy or Only War work better for a primarily story-driven campaign? [closed]

I have only played Dungeons and Dragons RPG so far but I have always been a big fan of the Warhammer 40k universe. I was wondering whether Dark Heresy II or Only war are better for my group? The ...
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Can a chainsword's discarded die trigger righteous fury as well?

So here's an issue that came up in a campaign I'm running. A party member is using a chainsword with the tearing rule. This rule states that you roll an additional die for damage and discard the ...
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How does the (Main Weapon) tag work in Only War?

I haven't been able to find any explanation on what the significance of the tag (Main Weapon) is or how it affects the rules except that it obviously point out the main weapon in a regiment. Which ...
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Are hand grenades the same as the ammunition for grenade launchers?

In Only War, do grenade launchers use the same grenades as the ones you can use as hand grenades? What about the auxiliary grenade launcher / underslung GL?
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What ammo does a launcher-type regimental favored weapon come with?

In Only War, two classes, the Weapons Specialist and the Heavy Gunner, can start the game equipped with Launcher-type weapons. The errata has clarified that class equipment comes with three 'clips'. ...
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Ogryn's trait "Auto-stabilised" from Only War to Rogue Trader

They're identical in both books except in Rogue Trader this talent allows the player to shoot semi/full auto bursts with half action, while in Only War there is no mention to that. Which rule should ...
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