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For questions about multiple-session games where players and their characters may attend sporadically, or new players/characters may join at any time.

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Where can I find experiential-based resources for West Marches/Open Table games? [closed]

I'm currently getting ready to run an Open Party/West Marches style game with a pool of about 16 players. We'll be using 5e, but my question is system-agnostic. I of course started with Ben Robbins' &...
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How to handle varying party size/players?

So, I've been running some games as DM for my friends. One of the big problems this has caused me is the variance in who can come to each session. We're spread across several towns and can get ...
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What problems should I expect when running Apocalypse World as an "open party" game?

Many of my friends who play or would like to play RPGs have too tight schedules for a single long campaign, but want more continuity than what a single one-shot game would allow. I've been thinking of ...
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Creating a new character vs taking over an inactive previous character

In a lengthy campaign players may miss some sessions or even stop playing for some time. Other players may join at any time. What are the advantages/drawbacks of having the new players taking over ...
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Dealing with a changing set of players in a continuous campaign

I have a group of players who have all been integrated into the game. However we all live in different counties and at any one time only a subset of the players can play at any one time. I try to ...
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