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For questions about opportunity actions in D&D and related RPGs. The term "opportunity action" refers to an attack or maneuver that occurs in a situation in which an entity would have to theoretically let its guard down near a nearby attacker in order to concentrate on some delicate action. (See also: the [opportunity-attack] tag.)

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Can a non-action be taken as part of an OA/reaction?

Some acts, such as dropping items or speaking, are consistently considered "non-actions" in the D&D rules (I'm asking about 3.5e in this question, but it seems that this is consistent among all ...
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Responding to Opportunity Attacks with Snarling Wolf Stance

I have a 5th Level Ranger/Psion playing in a Dungeons and Dragons 4e Eberron campaign. The other day, we had a situation come up in a fight and I want to see if we handled it right. I had Snarling ...
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Does Agile Opportunist work with reach weapons?

I'm playing a level 16 Cunning Bard in DnD4e. The "melee" striker in our party is a Barbarian with a reach weapon (he also has a focus on charge attacks). Since I have access to all sorts of sliding ...
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Persistent Threat and Rain of Steel

Are you able to make opportunity attacks if you're dazed and have the feat Persistent Threat? Persistent Threat - While you are dazed, you can still flank enemies, and you can take an opportunity ...
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Can the MBA provided by Repel Charge be made at reach?

A player in my group is building a PC with a reach weapon With a reach weapon, a creature can make melee attacks against enemies that are 2 squares away from it as well as adjacent enemies. Even ...
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Using a readied action to manifest an opportunity attack or action by interrupting movement

Below I will present two similar scenarios in which I would like to use a readied action to interrupt an enemy's movement, with the specific goal of provoking an opportunity attack from that enemy ...
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Swarms' limited immunity to OAs

According to RAW for swarms, A swarm can enter or move through an enemy’s space; this movement does not provoke opportunity actions. I assume "pass through" in this case means "move into and out ...
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Forced/involuntary movement and OAs

The basics: Moving away from a threatened square provokes an Opportunity Action. The wrinkles: Certain forms of voluntary movement (shifts, teleports) specifically do not provoke OAs. Being pushed, ...
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Can a creature use an immediate reaction after another creature's opportunity action on a third creature's turn?

My battlemind and a cleric were engaged in a melee battle with a Deathdog the other day. The cleric was knocked down on a previous turn, so that when her turn began she attempted to stand up. The ...
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Can shifting trigger non-attack opportunity actions?

Part of the Shift rule is this: No Opportunity Attacks: Your movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks. However, there are a few Opportunity Actions that do not include attacks. If such an ...
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