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For questions pertaining to the positive aspects of character optimization, often abbreviated as CharOp. (If dealing with player problems relating to optimization, use the [powergaming] tag instead.)

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What is the minimum setup for this Troll adept Grenade-thrower character?

Back in the late-90 Shadowrun 3 days, someone made a character that he told about repeatedly in the local game store 1. It was a Troll adept that would throw grenades. Instead of using the grenades ...
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Is there any psion variant/ACF/etc that gets Grip of Iron?

I have a character who would really like to have grip of iron, the 1st-level psychic warrior power. However, said character is a psion, specifically an egoist, not a psychic warrior, and doesn’t have ...
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Optimizing for off-turn free action activity

I'm trying to develop a build for levels 3-6 that optimizes for the largest number of discrete free actions that need to be taken off-turn to work but don't explicitly grant themselves the ability to ...
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Optimizing a Crossblooded Sorcerer 1/Admixture School Savant Arcanist X

Introduction One of the members of our PFS party is Ash, a blaster mage. Her player’s requirement for the character was “I WANT TO BURN”, so I googled and found this build. However, I decided to push ...
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How can a Psionic Manifester get full Bab reliably

I’m currently trying to make a Talshatora Monk/Erudite multiclass work, partially as a challenge and partially because I want to play a psionic Gish. The issue is that, under the constraints i’m ...
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15th-level gestalt stealth master build help

I am trying to make a character for a combat heavy, largely PvP game, with 15th-level gestalt characters. The concept that I have in mind is some sort of Jack-of-All-Trades-y Wizard/Rogue class, with ...
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