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Old School Reference and Index Compilation (OSRIC) is a fantasy RPG based on the OGL and 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons SRD. It was first released in 2006 and was revised in 2013.

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How much damage for throwing rocks?

This question applies to either OSRIC or to AD&D 1st Ed. The scenario: A human fighter with strength of 17 has selected "grenade-like weapons" as one of his weapon proficiencies. He carries a ...
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Can you attack multiple targets when you have a rate of fire greater than 1?

I'm DMing a campaign with OSRIC as the base rules and 1e AD&D as secondary rules where needed. One of our characters is using a bow that the rules say has a rate of fire of 2. I'm looking for a ...
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What are the Pack Animal rules in OSRIC?

OSRIC 2.2 refers to pack animals such as cart horses but does not elaborate on the rules for these. What rules should I use for pack animals in regard of how much load they may carry? Additionally, ...
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