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For questions on running adventures in outer space, the expanse that exists beyond planets and their atmosphere and between celestial bodies.

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What RPG had space travel, star gates, and an organization maybe called "Brothers of Battle"?

I have some vague recollection of an RPG in the late 90s or early 2000s that had something like the following components: Space travel An interstellar empire, possible crumbling? Various ...
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Is a moon considered to be on the same Material Plane as the planet it orbits?

I was thinking about an adventure where my player characters have to travel to Selûne and come back with a creature found on the moon. However, the creature would be too large for travel by ship (at ...
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How to do Spaceship Combat in D&D 5e

I am in the midst of creating a sci-fi space pirate campaign in D&D 5e, and spaceship/spacecraft combat will be inevitable. I found this MSRD for spaceship combat but it's extremely complicated, ...
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Sr5 Shadowrun Technomancers in space?

Are technomancers gods in space compared to all other magic archetypes? I've heard in space Magic users are subject to a -6 to -12 penalty to their magic (i.e., 0 for everyone), assensing doesn't work ...
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