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Questions tagged [over-the-edge]

Over the Edge is a surreal role-playing game of secrets and conspiracies, taking place on the mysterious Island of Al Amarja. It was created by Jonathan Tweet with Robin Laws, and published by Atlas Games.

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9 votes
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Any games based on Warp/OTE out there?

Atlas Games has recently made the Over the Edge core rules available as OGL. Are there any games using it? Even if not yet available (i.e. still under design/playtest) I would like to see what ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Over the Edge... Only Not

Is anyone using Atlas Games' Over the Edge for anything besides the standard Al Amarja campaign?
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What is the differnce between a 2d trait and not having a trait?

In Over the Edge or The Warp System is there a difference between having a 2d trait and not having a trait?
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How large is Al Amarja?

What are the physical dimensions of the island of Al Amarja, and its population? Any other specific information, such as other towns on the island, would be welcome.
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I would like a self-contained, non–Al Amarja Over The Edge adventure [closed]

I would like to use the Over The Edge rules (I have access to both the original game and the WaRP rules) to experiment with remote gaming (either via chat, email or some of the dedicated stuff). I am ...
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