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Questions tagged [parting-ways-with-players]

For questions about disinviting players, leaving groups, and dealing with the circumstances of yourself or a fellow player leaving the game. (This includes GMs and similar roles.)

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17 votes
4 answers

How should I end a campaign only the passive players are enjoying?

I was having a blast with my first campaign, but things got out of hand. Four players in total: three were active and one was passive. Until one active player got in an accident and quit, so I brought ...
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14 votes
4 answers

DM is taking too much time in my opinion on side missions - should I leave?

I'm a first time player so maybe I'm not getting it but I originally had fun with D&D. However, the DM began having a habit of making side quests go off the rails and then us not being able to ...
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24 votes
2 answers

How do I leave a game after character death without hurting other players' feelings?

My character died. It was mainly my fault, and I believe the DM gave me several chances to get out of the situation myself. I just didn't think of it and was, like oh, yeah. We went over this. I did ...
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39 votes
7 answers

How to uninvite a friend from a campaign?

I'm am prepping to DM a campaign for some of my friends. Until that starts, I'm just playing in the campaign of one of those friends. A few months ago I had invited a few of them to join the campaign ...
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26 votes
2 answers

How I politely say to my players that I don't want to DM to them anymore?

I DM for a few different groups in a simultaneous fashion. DM'ing is a breeze for most of those groups. We always have a blast, we have a lot of fun, and we always end our day looking forward to the ...
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24 votes
3 answers

I think one of my players wants to leave the campaign

I am a relatively new DM. I am running my first campaign, which started about a year ago, with some close friends from college. We have all played D&D before, but this is the first time I’m ...
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29 votes
8 answers

How to handle inventory and story of a player leaving

A player left my group recently. It was mutual and not-unexpected, and during the last session, the character left for an unspecified purpose. The character (lawful-good wizard) who left had a few ...
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22 votes
3 answers

I have a ruthless DM and I'm considering leaving the party. What are my options to minimize the negative impact to the rest of the group?

I joined a game with a group of friends and a couple of other people I haven't met, one of which is the current DM. While I like everyone in the game personally, the current DM is extremely strict, a ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How do I deal with a player that doesn’t play, but says they want to? [closed]

Forewarnings, there are a lot of very long reasons behind answering the question, but in short, this is it: In short, I want to kick this player, my other four players want him kicked, and the player ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to leave a campaign you've been playing for a long time? [duplicate]

I've been playing a campaign for a while, a year or so (I know this isn't 'long' in terms of some campaigns but it's too long to just drop and say 'it's not my kinda playing style'). It's an online ...
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58 votes
5 answers

How can we kick our novice roleplayer out of the group for being a poor match, without alienating them from the hobby?

I have someone in my group who is completely new to the hobby. We are now 12 sessions in, and I will most likely need to remove them from the group: Our play styles don't match, and the rest of the ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How do I leave a campaign politely when I'm not having fun? [duplicate]

So I've been playing a DnD 5e campaign for the past couple of weeks, and I've come to the conclusion today that I'm not really having much fun with it. I've come into the campaign midway-through and ...
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31 votes
11 answers

A player leaving without warning and dealing with the mess?

I had a player that was very very angry and took stuff way too seriously. After the end of the last campaign, we (the party as a whole) were hesitant to re-invite him but decided to give him a chance ...
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57 votes
4 answers

How can I politely ask a player to leave my game?

So, after a few sessions, the new player I'd invited has been a bit of a disaster. He doesn't get on well with any of the other players, laughed when someone's character died (in our campaign that's ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Dealing with a disgruntled player leaving my campaign

So I've been running a game of Shadowrun over the internet for the past few weeks online, and I've had a hectic personal schedule, so I haven't been able to do lengthy sessions. I've got a player who ...
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21 votes
5 answers

Dealing with leaving players

Somewhat similar to this, but this is a different case with different answers (Or so I hope). I've been playing "the dark eye", my PnP of choice, for a few years now and have recently taken up GM'ing ...
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30 votes
5 answers

How do I quit a long-term game gracefully?

I've been in a game for a while and I've been distracted for several sessions because the game simply hasn't been very interesting to me. The setting and story set by the GM aren't very gripping and ...
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47 votes
13 answers

Bad match with a gaming group, how to leave?

I have sometimes joined groups whose play style didn't work for me. At some point it became clear that as much as I wanted to enjoy the game I couldn't. And I was probably undermining the fun at the ...
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