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Questions tagged [permanency]

For questions about permanency mechanics. That is any mechanic which can make a normally temporary effect into a permanent one.

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How to reduce the size of the Ancient Companion from the UA Mage of Lorehold subclass?

The description of the Mage of Lorehold's Ancient Companion feature (from UA: Mages of Strixhaven) reads, in part: Whenever you finish a short or long rest, you can call forth and bond with one such ...
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Can a summon monster type spell be made permanent?

Is there a RAW way to summon a monster of some variety and make it permanent? In my scenario I'm thinking of Oozes specifically, in case that makes a difference.
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How does the Beast Transformation optional rule for the Beastlands work?

I'm a little confused about how to handle the Beast Transformation optional rule for the Beastlands (DMG, pg. 60). What happens when a creature drops to 0 hp before the spell becomes permanent (i.e., ...
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Can a permanent Magic Mouth be used with new parameters after it has been discharged?

A wizard casts magic mouth, permanently, on the door to his study. Is the magic mouth then limited to its set parameters and message indefinitely, or could the caster set a new set of parameters for ...
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How would a permanent shrink item spell work on a group of items?

What happens to individual items when you cast a permanent shrink item on a group of items? Shrink Item can be found in the Player's Handbook page 279: Shrink Item Transmutation Level: Sor/Wiz 3 ...
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When using the Mixing Potions variant rule, if a 100 is rolled on the Potion Miscibility table, does the DM choose the permanent effect?

When using the Mixing Potions variant rule, if a 100 is rolled on the Potion Miscibility table, is the choice of permanent effects up to the DM? The rules for rolling 100 on mixing potions is: Only ...
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How can a wizard create a permanent teleporter?

Teleport traps and teleport rooms are classic tropes for both dungeons and wizard towers. You enter the room, you get teleported. In old school dungeons typically without a saving throw, and sometimes ...
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Should Greater Restoration work against Prismatic Spray's Indigo Ray?

My group is playing DnD 5e. We encountered an ancient blue dragon who cast Prismatic Spray at us. Our Ranger/Druid, who was in Air Elemental wildshape at the time, got struck by the Indigo Ray and ...
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Can a chain of simulacra casting a spell make it permanent?

This is a weird question. It has been established that a caster could cast Simulacrum on themselves to make a simulacra, then the simulacra can cast Simulacrum on the caster to make a second simulacra ...
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Is "lasts until dispelled" a duration?

Some spells, like true polymorph, has language that says (emphasis mine) If you concentrate on this spell for the full duration, the spell lasts until it is dispelled. This seems to suggest that ...
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How exploitable/balanced is this homebrew spell: Spell Permanency?

I would like to give my players the option of learning a way to make a spell or magical effect permanent. To this end I've created a homebrew spell, Spell Permanency (quoted below). Before ...
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How does Vivification work? How much karma do I have to spend to make a spell permanent?

I'm new to this game. I was wondering if I can make an Armor Spell become permanent with the Initiation ability called Vivification. If I can, how much karma is needed for that?
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Permanent Enlarge Person and Kitsune Shape

The subject of this question is a Kitsune character under a permanent Enlarge Person spell. I have some difficulties to figure out how it will react with the two shape features of this character, ...
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For spells that can be made permanent after multiple castings, does the effect need to be maintained continuously during the setup?

There are a number of spells that normally have a 24-hour duration, but can be made permanent by casting them on the same target every day for a specified number of consecutive days. Examples include ...
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Is there a modifier for permanent spell durations?

Is there a modifier for permanent spell durations in Ars Magica 5th edition?
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Is it possible to loophole your way into getting a permanent guardian of faith?

Guardian of faith says: The guardian vanishes when it has dealt a total of 60 damage. Because of this, could you: Have the guardian attack something with a good Dex save Assume the thing succeeds ...
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Does a spell made permanent by Permanency stack with another permanent version of itself?

This question was brought up recently by a player in our Pathfinder group who was planning to use the Permanency spell on the Resistance spell at later levels (applying the price for permanency and ...
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Can Greater and Superior Resistance be made permanent?

From the Spell Compendium, Resistance, Greater reads: This spell functions like resistance (PH 272), except as noted here. You grant the subject a +3 resistance bonus on saves. Resistance, ...
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How to prevent my permanencied spell buffs being dispelled?

My motivation to finding this answer stems from the reason that you will never get the money back that you spent on permanencied spells. And that moneyloss is what I dislike. I have been looking for ...
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How are spells made permanent in 5e?

As we all know, the golden-age era of spellcasters having access to spells like Permanency is now over with the arrival of 5E. I am now DM'ing a top-tier campaign, and several of my PCs are casters ...
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