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For questions about Pixies as a playable race.

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Since pixies can cast polymorph, can a party chain polymorph to all become pixies?

Pixies are CR1/4 so any character targeted with polymorph could become a pixie. Polymorph is an ability a pixie has that can be cast at 1/day. So if a wizard cast polymorph on themselves to a pixie I ...
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Are pixies overpowered for CR 1/4?

There is this question about if Conjure Woodland Beings is broken -- due to the fact that you can possibly summon eight pixies with it and multiply our level four spell slot by a factor of eight for ...
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Is it okay to add a shrinking ability to a pixie PC?

I am currently working out a Pixie PC character with one of my players, but we've run into a problem. Pixies being tiny creatures can't carry much of anything (especially with 2(-4) Strength). This ...
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Can a Pixie float over the middle of a pit?

Pixies have an altitude limit of one, meaning they can only ever be one square high when they end their turn. But if the party comes upon something like a chasm or a large pit, can the Pixie end ...
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Can Pixies wield shrunk two handed weapons?

I was looking at building a ranger/artificer hybrid pixie, but the rules for weapon sizes seem to be contradicting. (Or maybe I'm just reading it wrong) From page 28 of Heroes of the Feywild: Wee ...
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Riding your Sorcerer familiar as Pixie

I'm currently in the process on finishing up my Pixie Sorcerer Character and I wanted to theme him around the idea that he's actually too lazy to fly himself, so instead he rides his Storm Talon ...
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What is the maximum (air speed) velocity of a pixie?

Following on from Can a pixie fly higher than their altitude of one? Using a combination of feats and powers what is the maximum movement rate (and thus altitude) a pixie can reach in a single round ...
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Can a pixie fly higher than their altitude of one?

In the pixie description on the compendium: Altitude Limit: You fall at the end of your turn if you are using your racial fly speed and are more than 1 square above the ground (see the rules for ...
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Can a pixie levitate on bootlaces carried by a spirit of salzacas?

Given: A pixie, tiny creature weighing 1-4 pounds. Presuming the sum total of gear weight is less than 10 pounds. A nice thin platter, or a net of bootlaces, made out of a light substance of the ...
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Can a pixie shift under a medium creature's legs?

What are the rules for occupying the same square as an enemy while tiny? There are provisions to occupy the same square for allies, and a feat that enhances it (here) and a 11th level pixie feat that ...
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