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Questions tagged [player-characters]

For questions relating to characters controlled by players rather than by a game master.

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8 answers

My 5e character isn't very fun. How do I kill them off?

I'm playing an 8th level Valor bard, and she's basically The Load (warning: TVTropes link) at this point- high-combat campaign, so not a lot of charisma stuff to do, and really doesn't have any ...
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Can a PC be a lich?

The heading says it all, can a PC be a lich? If so, how? The DMG hints that the Book of Vile Darkness contains the secrets of how; there is nothing official otherwise.
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13 votes
8 answers

What are some of the major challenges in playing an Evil Character? [closed]

What are some of the major challenges in playing an Evil Character (whether that's a formal alignment or not) in a co-operative party game, and likewise, what are some of the reasons many groups ...
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How to handle players who make unmotivated characters

I'm a relatively new GM, and I'm having trouble getting my (also new) players to create motivated characters. I don't mean that the players themselves are unmotivated, but the characters they create ...
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Is it common for D&D characters be moved to or reused in different DMs' campaigns?

When you've played a character for a while and have invested a lot of time building this character up, seeing the campaign end, losing your group by moving to a different city, or otherwise leaving ...
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5 answers

Why wouldn’t I just run away from the eldritch horror?

I am struggling with character motivations in Call of Cthulhu or similarly investigative horror settings. For some reason I seem to have issues imagining the reasoning behind characters who really ...
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How do I deal with my group having issues with my character?

I am fairly newish to D&D. Our group plays every week and I have been a GM before. My character is fairly chill, chaotic neutral and will often get distracted for a few moments looking at ...
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9 answers

How can I roleplay a follower-type character when I as a player have a leader-type personality?

Background When I started playing RPGs, I made characters with high intelligence and problem-solving skills. As an engineer, these kinds of characters were similar to myself in real life and suited my ...
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Can a player replace their pre-generated character with a new character they create, partway through an adventure?

I'm a new DM playing Lost Mine of Phandelver with two other adults and our kids, two 11-year-olds. We started with the pre-generated characters; I'm playing the Dwarf cleric as an NPC. One of the kids ...
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Can two players play one character?

I'm new to Dungeons and Dragons, having played only 3 games as a DM with a group of friends. Initially, it was difficult to find people to play, but now I've run into the problem where too many people ...
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How much greed is too much for a Chaotic Neutral character? [closed]

I have recently started GM-ing a new group of players, most of them are unexperienced. One of the players is a Chaotic Neutral Rogue. This description of Chaotic Neutral mentions that such character ...
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5 answers

How attached should players be to the characters they make? [closed]

I'm new to RPGs and I'm not sure how attached I should be to any characters I make. On one hand I don't think it would be pleasant to spend hours making an in depth character only to have them die off,...
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4 answers

How to pick a name for a Dungeons & Dragons character

I'm starting to create a character in Dungeons & Dragons. Is there a set of rules or standards, or any references or fashion, on creating a character's name? For example, on D&D Beyond, it ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Games where some characters can play as weapons [closed]

Are there any games that provide some characters with the option of playing as a weapon, possibly wielded by other players? I've never heard of or seen a game that has any rules or specific about ...
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4 answers

Is using the same theme over and over again a sign of being too attached to a concept? [closed]

I have been playing in several roleplay groups taking place in different systems. I have noticed that while the personality of my character can vary to a degree, I always end up playing with a nature ...
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How many hit dice do monster player characters have?

Let's say we have party of humans and a minotaur(cr 4). Everybody is level 10, so according to Pathfinder's monsters as races rules minotaur should have 8th (let's say barbarian) level.And the ...
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What changes when an Alienist becomes an outsider?

When a character becomes a 10th level Alienist (prestige class), the following change is said to occur (emphasis mine): Alien Transcendence (Su): A 10th-level alienist, because of long ...
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Could you use a 4th Edition character in a 5th Edition adventure, just for level 1?

For a one shot session, I'm DMing a 5th Edition Level 1 adventure, but our regular sessions are 4th Edition. The group is a mix of some new players and experienced players. The new players will be ...
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Problems Regarding a Mary-Sue type Player Character

In my game, one of the player's characters is a bit... too much. It's not easy to describe, but I think she's a somewhat more subtle example of the Mary Sue archetype: a character who is perfect, and ...
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Is it plausible to have a Player Character play as a villain against the rest of the party?

If anyone has experience running a game like this, what are some common errors to avoid and tips you would give to a GM embarking on such a campaign? Specifically I intend to have a 3 PC party with 2 ...
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5 answers

As a player, how can I help other players explore their characters on a deeper level?

I'm playing in a group with a diverse group of players. Some have everything about their character planned (like myself and one other player), others came to the table with a concept and nothing else. ...
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18 votes
11 answers

Character Sheets paper or plastic? [closed]

What do you guys use for character sheets? I used graphing paper for a while. My biggest problem is the whole erasing things after a while the paper gets... lets say well used... Anyway to make the ...
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As a GM, how do I encourage PCs to share and play out their backstories?

My players have trouble creating deep backstories for the characters. I have decided to go with that but provide opportunities in-game for filling out the gaps. I'm considering introducing some ...
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How do I keep a party together when they have conflicting goals?

I'm running a Starfinder game, and we are 40 sessions into this campaign. The campaign involves the fate of a small but strategically important settlement, which several factions are vying for control ...
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How to keep track of volatile amounts of items? [closed]

My DnD 5e players have stopped keeping track of ammunition, rations, torches, etc, because it's something they use all the time and their character sheet starts looking rubbish or being torn from ...
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Most effective means of dealing with lack of players in AD&D 1e?

I am a DM who is going to be running AD&D 1e for my first time next week. I have a group ready, and I bought the newly reprinted edition of "Against the Slave Lords" to play because it looked very ...
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Can you play a vampire in the 5th Edition?

So I got this sudden thing to want to play a vampire. I tried to do some research on vampires in the 5th edition of D&D, but I couldn't find anything. Am I able to play a vampire in the 5th ...
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Tips for getting into character [closed]

I'm relatively new to D&D and I'm rolling my second character. While I enjoyed my first one, he didn't have much of a personality. This next time around, I'm aiming to play a Swashbuckler ...
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Can the term "item" also apply to creatures?

The rules sometimes refer to items, for example bag of holding says: "Retrieving an item from the bag requires an action." The term item is not formally defined in the rules, so normally we ...
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