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For questions about practical tricks and techniques specifically from the point of view of a player. (Use the [gm-techniques] tag for questions about techniques as a GM. For questions about how to roleplay something, see the [roleplaying] tag instead.)

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How can I reengage in a session when I've disengaged because of ADD?

I'm in an online, voice-only Pathfinder 2e game. I'm having a lot of fun... But when the party gets in discussions about which from among a number of options to take (do we kill the bandit leader? ...
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How can we streamline a game with seven players in DnD 5e?

The question is: how do I balance gameplay when it comes to initiative? The game is in person, every other week or so. My party is comprised of 7 players, two of whom are noobs. I, myself, and also ...
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Is Arcana the only profiency in 5e that locks something behind the *skill* profiency system?

What opportunities are locked behind skill proficiencies? I keep trying to look through things as soon as I learned that because of XGTE you can only craft scrolls / magic items if you have ...
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What should we be aware/cautious of when hacking together these systems? [closed]

We've talked new games and settings, what we like and those we found awkward. We haven't played all of the following together, we have a diversity of experience so I can rely on the opinions of others ...
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How to best take notes as a player in an ongoing campaign?

I'm a player in years-long campaign. I'm also a GM in a (different) years-long campaign. I noticed that even though I tried to take extensive notes, I'd often miss important things (volume != quality ...
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How can I stop forgetting to use my abilities?

I'm playing a D&D 5e character in Curse of Strahd who's currently an Arcane Trickster 7 / Divination Wizard 2. We're playing online via DnDBeyond. Today I died, and it wasn't until 3 or 4 turns ...
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How do I deal with a fellow player who cheats, if the GM won't do anything about it? [closed]

I have played with this same group of friends for over 20 years. However due to COVID we have had to play virtually using Roll20. This has had the surprising and revealing effect of letting us see ...
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What is the appropiate use of ritual spells that provide little utility? [closed]

Well say I have the "detect magic" spell as a level 1. It is kind of a waste of a spellslot to just use it willy nilly. However I could stand still every step and cast it as a ritual for 10 ...
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How can I get better at identifying the "right time" to use my spell slots?

I've played a bunch of DnD 5e, but my current campaign is my first time playing a Warlock outside of a one-shot; right now I'm almost to level 5. I'm playing more of a face/roleplay-focused role, so ...
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Playing a Character as Unobtrusive and Subservient, Yet Not Passive

In one of the campaigns I'm in, I'm playing an AI/robot that belongs to another PC, and acts as an automated assistant. The other players and GM seem to like the drone's spotlight moments (in the '...
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How to Reduce Anthropomorphism When Roleplaying Uplifts?

A handful of science fiction and even some fantasy settings include animal uplifts. However, there's often a problem with roleplaying members of such species: excessive1 anthropomorphism. This is a ...
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As a player, how do I deal with a spotlight hog?

I’m usually the GM but I’m not this time, and my usual methods of managing spotlight, and hogs thereof, aren’t available to me. I’m at a bit of a loss. We have a player who is very enthusiastic and ...
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How do I, as a player, encourage more role-playing in Adventurers League?

How do I, a player, best encourage more roleplaying in Adventurer's League? I'm not looking to overwhelm the other aspects of the game, but am wondering about elevating roleplay (and exploration, but ...
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How can I avoid metagaming when I know things my character doesn't?

One common problem I run into, as a player, is having to feign not-knowing things my character doesn't but I do, be it rules about certain creatures ("Hmm that rock golem sure looks weak against [...]"...
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How can I stop playing to win?

I've come to RPGs from a Wargames background, mostly Warhammer and such. In wargames it's kind of necessary to powergame, when everyone else is also powergaming and will massacre your army if you don'...
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How can I motivate my fellow players?

Although I'm very much enjoying the one of the games I'm in, the other players seem to be flagging and losing interest. This is a bit disheartening as their lack of enthusiasm is bringing down the ...
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How do you help your GM/fellow PCs track buffs/debuffs?

In the spirit of Math is Fun, what's the best way you've found to help your fellow PCs and the GM keep track of buffs and debuffs during play? In our current Jade Regent game, it's gotten to be a ...
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As an unreliable player, how can I lessen the burden on my group?

I'm often unreliable, in the sense that something always seems to turn up at the last minute that draws me away from our current regular game. (It's happened before as well.) Given that the reasons ...
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