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A 3pp campaign setting for Pathfinder that is about ponies, by Silver Games. (Because ponies!)

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What is the size of a solid note if the caster has no hands?

The spell solid note creates a physical musical note. Among the description: it always has a size approximately equal to that of your outstretched hand. However the Bard I intend to play doesn't ...
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Penalties involved in movement scenario

What penalties to movement apply to the following scenario containing multiple hazards? Alvy is a Ponykind Unicorn (from the Ponyfinder campaign setting) - she is a medium-sized quadruped with a ...
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Trap that tests flight speed/skill

How can I design a series of traps that test a character's ability to fly quickly through their area? The group I am GMing for will soon be entering the (abandoned) headquarters of a former faction ...
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